Workers uneasy at Grenville Co-operative Credit Union

All is not well at the Grenville Co-operative Credit Union Ltd (GCCUL) as tension mounts between some employees and management.

THE NEW TODAY has received information that some aggrieved staff members are not pleased with the treatment meted out to them over their vacation leave.

Grenville Co-operative Credit Union Building – the place where several workers are very unhappy with Management

Grenville Co-operative Credit Union Building – the place where several workers are very unhappy with Management

According to a well-placed source, there are staffers who have been employed with the credit union for over 10 years and being refused their entitlement to 30 working days of vacation leave and being told that they can only get 21 working days in vacation.

Additionally, the workers are said to be upset with a position taken by Management that they cannot have days off on Fridays and Mondays as was the case in the past.

The source said the workers are “displeased” with what has been described as “the level of biasness and preferential treatment” that is also taking place at the financial institution.

Some staff members are reportedly fed up with a situation involving one particular employee who is related to an influential member of Management.

The said that this particular worker “has been employed with the institution for just over three years but is being given preferential treatment on all levels over the older members of staff”.

“She gets days when everybody else is being told that they cannot get time off because it is during a busy time (while other) members of staff are being told that they cannot get a day off on Fridays and Saturdays,” the source told this newspaper.

In addition, the source said due to “lack of proper human resource management, workers would apply for their vacation during the first month of the year but will not know whether it is approved or not until a day before it is supposed to start”.

“Persons would also apply for a day off two days before and still have to ask the evening before if it was approved or not,” the source added.

It is understood that some workers brought their grievances to the attention of management who took the decision to transfer the particular employee from the head office to the St. George’s branch office where the preferential treatment continues.

According to the source, the employee in question “already works less hours than other members of staff because she comes in to work for 9.00 a.m. while everybody else has to report to work for 8.00 a.m.“

The source pointed out that at least four workers have brought their grievances to the attention of the Ministry of Labour but were told that no action can be taken unless they make an official report.

The affected workers, who are currently employed on continued contracts approached THE NEW TODAY in order to bring the matter to the attention of the public with the hope that Management would address their concerns.

The workers have said that they are reluctant to speak out openly in public because they are not unionised and fear that their contracts would not be renewed.

“… Everybody is scared to come forward and say something because they are scared that their jobs would be terminated,” he said.

THE NEW TODAY approached Labour Commissioner Cyrus Griffith via telephone last week Wednesday for comment on the issue.

Griffith did not acknowledge or deny having any knowledge of the situation at GCCU but said if the workers are aggrieved “they need to come in to the Ministry of Labour and make an official report in writing.”

He stated that under the law, a labour officer is required to take a statement from the workers following which an investigation would be undertaken into the situation.

As it relates to the workers not being unionised, Griffith indicated that is a matter for them to deal with as the current Labour Relations Act makes provisions for this in “sections 33, 34 and 35.”

THE NEW TODAY was unable to reach persons within the GCCU management for comment on the issue.

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