Fine for absent Jurors

High Court Judge, Justice Shiraz Aziz has imposed a $50.00 fine on a number of Jurors who were absent from court on Tuesday.

High Court Judge Shiraz Aziz who presides over the No.1 court

High Court Judge Shiraz Aziz who presides over the No.1 court

Justice Aziz gave the order immediately after the roll call was taken for Jurors assigned to High Court Number One.

From a list of 44 Jurors called to provide service in the September Criminal Assizes, 14 were absent.

Those present waited for almost two hours before Justice Aziz could take the Bench on Tuesday.

He apologised for the late start of court and told the jurors present that he had to attend to some issues and housekeeping matters with some lawyers.

According to the presiding judge, due to certain circumstances the court was unable to empanel a jury.

The high court matter involving suspended Corporal of Police, Lennard “Benjie” Benjamin was scheduled to commence on Tuesday.

Benjamin is facing three counts of indecent assault, and two counts of incest.

The jury was dismissed and instructed to return to court next week Thursday at the Lime Building on the Carenage, St. George’s which will now be Court No.5 from where the court will now function to hear matters in the ongoing assizes.

It is hoped that a jury will then be empanelled to hear the evidence in Benjamin’s case.

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