Ex-Convict of 27 convictions confesses to robbing SGU Student

Two months after being released from prison, an ex-convict who already has 27 previous convictions, 18 of which are for stealing has once again found himself having to serve time at the Richmond Hill Prisons.

Errol Charles – was apprehended in quick time by the police

Errol Charles – was apprehended in quick time by the police

Errol Charles who was unrepresented by Counsel pleaded guilty on Monday to stealing on September 23 at Lance Aux Epines, St. George’s articles and money amounting to US $4,146.85 from Annette Morann, a student of St. George’s University (SGU).

The matter was heard before Chief Magistrate, Her Honour Tamara Gill at the St. George’s No.1 Magistrate’s Court.

The items included 1 bag valued US $15.00, 1 Apple Computer valued US $900, 1 Apple I-Pad valued US $400, 1 purse valued US $10.00, 1 headphone valued US $60.00, and cash amounting to $363.45.

The court was told by the Prosecution that Morann and her room-mate rented a vehicle which they used to explore the area. They entered a dirt road causing the jeep to stick.

Charles who came to the women’s rescue by voluntarily assisting in pushing the jeep, seized the opportunity to run away with the bag containing the items that was on the back seat.

SGU Patrol assisted in the search for the wanted man, and based on the description given to them, they discovered Charles close to Peggy’s Body Workshop carrying a Jansport Bag.

A search was carried out on him, and the cash was found in his pocket, and the computer and some of the other items were discovered in a bag.

Charles lead police investigators to another area where he claimed he had thrown away the rest of the items.

He told the Police that he committed the act of stealing because of hard times in the country and that he was in financial difficulties and had not paid his rent.

The convicted man said when he saw the bag he felt it was a good opportunity for him, but said it was never his intention to rob the SGU student.

Charles was convicted on November 3, 2015 and received an 18-month prison sentence.

He appealed the sentence which was reduced to 12 months, and was released from prisons in July.

During his mitigation plea, the convicted man told the presiding magistrate that while serving time at the Richmond Hill Prisons he was engaged in welding.

He alleged that Commissioner of Prisons, Ashley “Ram” Folkes had promised to help him  find employment on being released but this did not materialise.

According to Charles, he got employment with government’s short-term debushing programme but this was not sufficient enough to earn a proper income and his Landlord was always on “his back” for the rent money.

Head of the Police Prosecution Department, Assistant Superintendent of Police (ASP) Godfrey Victor who lead the evidence told the court he was informed by Sergeant Keith Douglas of the South St. George Criminal Investigation Department that he previously had a lengthy discussion with Charles on turning his life around.

According to ASP Victor, Sgt. Douglas arranged a meeting with Charles to get him a job, but the convicted man failed to show up.

Chief Magistrate Gill ordered the recovered items be returned to Morann, and sentenced Charles to three years in prison.

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