Police Kill Another One

A bullet fired by a Policeman claimed the live of a St. Patrick’s man on Tuesday morning.

Dead is Daniel “Ching” Gilbert of Mt. Craven who was described as mentally challenged.

Well-placed sources told THE NEW TODAY that Gilbert was gunned down following an incident involving some youngsters in the area who are the children of an ex-police officer.

A source who is familiar with the deceased said that he decided to take the law into his own hands after making repeated complaints to the Sauteurs Police Station about being constantly provoked by the children of the officer and not getting any satisfaction from the lawmen.

He said the police allegedly failed to look into the numerous complaints on the grounds that John was a mentally challenged person.

“The father of the boys who are now big men used to be attached to the Sauteurs Police Station and when he (Gilbert) used to go and complain they didn’t use to bother with him. This thing has been going on for years”, he added.

According to the source, the deceased informed him that on one occasion when he visited the station to report the children of the police officer, he was taken into custody, placed in a cell and then the following day sent down to the Mental Home at Mt. Gay for treatment.

He quoted Gilbert as saying that “all sort of needles were used on him in the crazy house and he got sick”.

The source said he doubted whether there is any record in the Police Diary in Sauteurs about the frequent visits made to the station by the deceased to lodge his numerous complaints against the children of the ex-police officer.

He said that on the day of the fatal shooting the youngsters allegedly interfered with Gilbert again and he pulled a cutlass and chased after them.

The police were informed of the incident and decided to look for Gilbert.

“What I understand is that when they approached him, he was ordered to drop the cutlass and he didn’t do it. They claim that he was approaching them and he was shot in the foot.

“He (Gilbert) was still coming in their direction and another shot was fired which hit him again but he still kept coming at them and then he was killed by another shot.

The source told this newspaper it was rather “sad and unfortunate” the way in which Gilbert was gunned down by the police in light of the several complaints made to them about the persons who were “constantly harassing him”.

Gilbert is said to have been living alone.

A resident of St. Patrick referred to the deceased as “very helpful” and could be relied upon to do most tasks that were requested of him in the community.

“If I asked him to come and go in the garden with me to do something, he will always come. You can’t ask them other young people on the block to come with you in the garden since they do not want to work”, he said.

“ I am mad with the police for shooting and killing him because he was a good person. The man did not deserve to die the way he did. He went to the police station countless times to complain and thy just kept laughing at him and saying he is a crazy man. You think it is easy. Injustice in this place will never done”, he added.

A brief release issued by the Community Relations Department (CRD) of the RGPF said, “Police are investigating a shooting incident which has left one man dead. Sometime after 10:00 a.m. on Tuesday 4th October, 2016, a report was made to the Sauteurs Police Station of a male person armed with a cutlass in Mt. Craven, St. Patrick.

“Officers responded to the report and in the process were attacked by a man believed to be in his mid-fifties. The man was shot and later died at the Princess Alice Hospital. “

Gilbert is the second person to be shot by the police within a two-week span.

The other was Chris “Coolie” Hinds who was shot in Springs on September 24 in a 3-way love affair that went sour between himself, his female companion and Gabriel “Amos” Andrew, a member of the Drug Squad of the Royal Grenada Police Force (RGPF).

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