Sen Roberts: PM Mitchell is ‘the Master of Deception’

Labour Senator, Ray Roberts has launched a scathing attack on Prime Minister Dr. Keith Mitchell branding him “the master of deception, mamaguy and window dressing” following his recent statements made on the controversial Camerhogne Park issue.

Dr. Mitchell told reporters last week that the developers of the planned Riviera hotel will go ahead with the project but without incorporating the park at this stage.

However, PM Mitchell did not rule out revisiting the park at a later stage prompting some political analysts to suggest that he intends to relook Camerhogne Park if he wins the next general election.

In an exclusive interview with THE NEW TODAY newspaper, Sen. Roberts accused the Prime Minister of engaging in “tricks and gimmicks” on Camerhogne Park.

He said the Save Camerhogne Park Committee of which he is a key member will continue to remain vigilant and make sure that the open space remains always with the people of Grenada, Carriacou & Petite Martinique.

Describing the Prime Minister as “a man of mamaguism”, Sen. Roberts put down the statements made by Dr. Mitchell as one aimed at gaining political favour with the people as the next general election looms around the corner.

“It is clear that he (Mitchell) wants to sell the park without a doubt. I think what I’m hearing from (his) party people and they’re at all levels, is that elections could be in March, April and clearly it’s a trick to tell people now that the government is not considering (selling) Camerhogne Park”, he said.

According to Sen. Roberts, one should pay close attention to some of the words uttered by PM Mitchell such as he believes in commercial activity and in business and that he would “rid himself of the park for development purposes”.

Dr. Mitchell told reporters at his Press Briefing that the developers will start clearing up the Riviera property in November to start work on the hotel project.

Sen. Roberts noted that the Grenadian leader used as his selling point the prospects of “hundreds of jobs” to be created with building the hotel but warned that Dr. Mitchell is good at playing tricks on the public.

“The Prime Minister is good at mamaguying Grenadians so you would find hundreds of people beginning to clear up that space there … so people would get a job and maybe believe that if the park is included they would be financially rewarded…”, he said.

“…The window dressing of clearing up Riviera will certainly demonstrate that something is going to happen…it’s to influence people’s behaviour,” he added.

Sen. Roberts urged Grenadians to see the promised jobs as only “temporary” but to consider the fact that “if we preserve Camerhogne Park, it will not only be for this generation but subsequent generations…”.

The veteran trade unionist called on locals to remain vigilant as is the case with the Save the Camerhogne Park Committee that has vowed to block any attempt to sell the park.

He announced that an activity is planned for October 25th at Camerhogne Park to keep the people focused on their prized asset.

“We are going to have some activity there again, candle lighting and encourage people to come out and demonstrate their solidarity.

“The Prime Minister is playing tricks on the people of Grenada….we did a survey which we will publish very soon and it showed 80% and that’s across the nation…want Camerhogne Park to be preserved as a green space for the people of Grenada, Carriacou and PM…(and) to go against that is a betrayal.

“…There are other spaces that people already occupy, we just asking for that one space to remain for ordinary Grenadians…”.

“I think the Prime Minister is the master of deception, the master of mamaguy and window dressing and with elections around the corner his pockets are overflowing. According to Roberts elections are generally won by bribery, spending lots of money…capturing the unsuspecting.

“So I expect a lot of that but I would say that we in the Camerhogne Park (committee) we shall not be moved.

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