Policeman Shoots One in Three-Way Love Affair

A 38-year old bus conductor of Springs, St. George’s is hospitalised nursing injuries from a bullet wound he received late Saturday afternoon at the hands of a policeman as part of a 3-way lover’s quarrel.

Gabriel “Amos” Andrew – identified as the police officer who fired the weapon

Gabriel “Amos” Andrew – identified as the police officer who fired the weapon

THE NEW TODAY visited Chris “Coolie” Hinds on Sunday at the St. George’s General Hospital where he is a patient after being allegedly shot by the officer whom he identified as Gabriel “Amos” Andrew who is attached to the Drug Squad of the Royal Grenada Police Force (RGPF).

Hinds was allegedly shot in front of his girl friend  who he accused of having an affair with the policeman.

In an exclusive interview with this newspaper, the injured man said he has been involved with his girlfriend for the past eight years but within the last two years he suspected that she was unfaithful to him.

The Individual was described as a Government Imani employee who was attached to the Immigration Department at the Maurice Bishop International Airport (MBIA).

The injured man spoke of confronting her about the regular visits being made to the house by “Amos” but she denied any personal relationship with the policeman and continued to describe him as just “a friend”.

He said that on the day of the shooting he went to the house occupied by her that he called his home since he usually slept there every night.

He said he inquired of the mother where she was and was told that she had gone out but was expected back home shortly.

According to Chris, within minutes he saw both his girlfriend and “Amos” coming towards the house and there were some sharp exchanges between he and the policeman.

He admitted that he moved some distance away from the house and pelted three stones at the policeman but none of them struck him.

Chris "Coolie” Hinds – fell to the ground from the bullet wound

Chris “Coolie” Hinds – fell to the ground from the bullet wound

“Amos” reportedly pulled out his service revolver and fired one shot that struck Chris who fell to the ground bleeding.

The bullet pierced through his left side and went right through to the right side of his waist.

The injured man alleged that during a previous exchange of words between himself and “Amos” at the house, the police officer warned him that he would be forced to shoot him if he (Coolie) attempted to do him anything.

A family member of Hinds said that the woman at the centre of the controversy was a frequent visitor to their home but was stopped from making visits following reports that she was “unfaithful” to Coolie.

She told THE NEW TODAY that instructions were given to nurses at the hospital to prevent Lewis from making any visits to the bedside of the injured Coolie.

According to a family source, Hinds who complained of severe pain in the area of his abdomen on Sunday is now resting comfortable at the hospital and is apparently out of danger.

There has been no official statement made by RGPF on the shooting at Springs involving one of its members.

However, sources told this newspaper that Acting Commissioner James has ordered an internal investigation of the matter.

Four witness statements have already been taken by the Criminal Investigation in relation to the incident, with the exception being the woman at the centre of the alleged 3-way love affair.

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