NDC addresses politically degrading images on Social Media

Two negative postings on Facebook have been met with a swift reaction from the main opposition National Democratic Congress through its Public Relations Officer (PRO), Randall Robinson.

Randall Robinson – Public Relations Officer (NDC)

Randall Robinson – Public Relations Officer (NDC)

One of the postings sought to cast aspersions against Congress officials including former Prime Minister Tillman Thomas, Robinson himself and the head of the party’s Women’s arm, Jenny Rapier.

Appearing on GBN’s “To the Point” programme on Tuesday morning, Robinson said that belittling of one’s character should not be practiced in the political arena.

According to Robinson, this is not a practice that one should be engaged in politically in Grenada.

“I’m saying ….we can poke fun at each other and so on and in this thing (negative posting) it’s more than just the person that you are attacking…they have children, they have parents, they have loved ones, respect them in their own way.

“…When we try to do these kinds of things and to belittle people and to damage their personality, it could be disconcerting to say the least and I think we have gotten to the point now if we just stick to the issues and deal with that and forget about the personalities but deal with the issues in the politics and so on, I think it’s time for us to man up and be a little bit more mature.

“Whether we like it or not, there are going to be negative things that going to happen, we can’t get away from that but let’s try and minimise that and let’s try to be a little bit more mature in the way that we operate in the politics as we go forward.

Robinson stated that Congress is committed to a clean as possible campaign for the upcoming general election.

“We don’t want to get into the personality thing and so on. It makes no sense really at the end of the day because after you go and you label people in all kinds of ways, then should they be the choice of the people, how you going to be able to relate to them afterwards?

“…We have enough things going on in Grenada to be concerned about other than to be adding to it. Let’s deal with the issues, let’s try and find solutions to our problems rather than to create more problems as we go along and at the end of the day, we are only political opponents, we’re not enemies, we are all Grenadians,” remarked the NDC activist.

Robinson warned Grenadians about seeking to adopt the type of political trend that is evident in the United States.

“We take our leads from our leaders. So if our leaders are pushing ahead, the followers are going to be doing the same and we are seeing it getting out of hand in the United States. Is that the kind of thing that we really want to take on here?

“… We throw our piccong talk for one another and that’s alright because you gonna get your piccong, we’re going to say things and so on but let’s not make it so vitriolic…because at the end of the day that is the person that will eventually…if the majority says that they’re voting for Nazim Burke and if the majority says that they voting for Keith Mitchell again or whoever else, that’s who we have to work with and when you go and you put a nasty stain on the people; on their character. While some might be holding it up, others might be looking on with disdain.

The Congress official pointed out that there are different ways in which different political parties might choose to handle a particular situation and that should be respected.

“Let us see which one of those solutions that we present as the different political parties you would feel more comfortable with and that you think that might be sustainable…I think we owe it to our people to keep the debate mature and real. It is time that we start respecting our people,” he said.

NDC is preparing for the next general election in order to challenge the parliamentary supremacy of the ruling New National Party (NNP) of Prime Minister Mitchell, which controls all 15 seats in the Lower House.

Although elections are constitutionally due in 2018, the party is anticipating a snap poll between now and Christmas.

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