Lawyers called upon to join the education drive on the referendum bills

Attorney General Cajeton Hood has appealed to lawyers on the island to engage in the process of educating the public on the seven bills to be voted upon in next months referendum poll to amend the Grenada Constitution.

Hood made the call last week Tuesday while addressing a special sitting of the Supreme Court on the occasion of the opening of the 2016/2017 Law Year.

“I believe that not just the (Grenada) Bar Association, but each lawyer has a duty, because we are in a special place of knowledge of the law and how it is interpreted and applied to explain to every citizen with whom we come in contact, what the importance (and the meaning of the referendum is to us in Grenada,” he said.

“And that’s an appeal I strongly make to all of us,” he told the lawyers who attended the opening session.

Hood, the principal legal adviser to the Keith Mitchell-led New National Party (NNP) administration, urged his colleagues in the legal profession to “join the Grenada Bar Association” and encouraged them to “take pride in what they do in the profession and to ensure that whatever is done will uplift the profession in terms of professionalism, ethics, hard work and delivery of services.”

AG Hood was named earlier in the month as part of a seven-member committee appointed by government to monitor the activities of lawyers in the country following growing complaints by members of the public against them.

THE NEW TODAY has called for the removal of one committee member in light of allegations made against him including one that is currently before the court.

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