Key witness in Murder Case gone into hiding

State Prosecutors will have anxious looks on their faces today (Friday) to see if one of their key witnesses will show up to give evidence in the Preliminary Inquiry into the murder of U.S national, Jessica Colker.

Well-placed sources told THE NEW TODAY newspaper that the Prosecution Department of the Royal Grenada Police Force (RGPF) is in search of Jason Peters known by many as “Pussy Man” to give evidence before the Presiding Magistrate at the St. David’s Magistrate’s Court.
Peters had given a statement to the police within days of the murder, which linked the accused, Dave Benjamin to the January 24th murder of Colker on an isolated beach at La Sagesse.

The witness has failed on two occasions to appear before Magistrate Karen Noel after giving an earlier undertaking to co-operate with the lawmen.

“Pussy Man” has been identified by State Prosecutors as the key witness as he had given a statement to the police about what the suspect told him on the night of the murder.

Benjamin is alleged to have spent the night at a house occupied by “Pussy Man” and allegedly reported to him everything that transpired on the La Sagesse Beach earlier that day.

The police have since been unable to get him to go onto the Witness Stand in the small courtroom, as he cannot be found.

The area is noted for questionable activities and considered as a “hot spot” for crimes on the island by the lawmen.

Colker, from Atlanta, Georgia and her husband Brian Melito were vacationing at the La Sagesse Nature Centre when she was killed one day after arriving on the island.

The two were taking a leisure walk on a remote beach in La Sagesse when the couple was attacked.

The husband was forced to leave the area by a man who abducted his wife and allegedly raped and then killed her.

A post-mortem conducted showed that Colker died as a result of Extensive Skull Fracture and Asphyxia.

The Preliminary Inquiry against Benjamin has been ongoing since February with over 20 persons already taking to the Witness Stand to give evidence.

Last Friday, a female Corporal of Police, Francesca Noel took the stand to give scientific and professional evidence in computer forensics.

The officer explained to the court the ease of escaping in the La Sagesse area where the murder occurred.

Cpl. Noel showed the court an aerial shot of the place where the murder took place and the possible escape routes of the person who killed Colker.

A source told this newspaper that the information provided to the court by the Female Officer coincided with the evidence of one of the former witnesses, Milton Francis, who is now considered as a “hostile” witness by the State.

When Francis took the stand earlier in the year, he stated on oath that he saw someone running from the scene where the murder was committed.

Prior to this, the witness had told police investigators that it was the murder accused that he saw running away from the crime scene.

However, when the question was posed to him on the Witness Stand, Francis said he cannot say it was Benjamin that he saw running away.

The police are also said to be relying on DNA samples sent back to them by the US Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) after testing.

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