Leader of Dominican Order visits Grenada

As the Dominican Order of the Roman Catholic Church celebrates 800 years of existence and 115 years of Service in the Diocese of St. George’s, the local order was visited by a 4-man high-powered delegation headed by Master General of the Order, Fr. Bruno Cadore who is based in Rome.

Master General Fr. Bruno Cadore Chief Celebrant at Sunday’s Mass at Our Lady of the Rosary Church at Roxborough

Master General Fr. Bruno Cadore Chief Celebrant at Sunday’s Mass at Our Lady of the Rosary Church at Roxborough

The Master was accompanied by Socius for the United States, Dominic Izzo who is also an Associate to the Master General, as well as Fr. Richard Olinswarth, the Provisional Bursar for England, and Fr. Martin Ganeri, who holds the post of Head of the Dominican Order with responsibility for England, Grenada and Barbados.

The delegation arrived in Grenada last Friday and left on Monday for Trinidad for the final leg of the trip to the region.

In an exclusive interview with THE NEW TODAY newspaper on Monday at the headquarters of the local Dominican order at the Priory at Roxborough, St. Paul’s, Fr. Cadore said the primary purpose of the visit was to ensure that the teachings done by the local priests are in keeping with the Dominican Order.

The 62-year-old French-born Priest said he is impressed with what is being presented to the faithful by the Dominican Order in Grenada.

“As you know more than 100 years ago, the Brothers came here to help the church to establish in this territory and some Brothers from Europe came and began with others to establish the church. When you look at Grenada or Barbados, you see very good preaching and good service which we can use because we can meet all the Catholic community and parishes and all the social work around human promotion, around what the church has to do, because it’s what the church has to become,” he remarked.

The Head of the Order whose father is from Martinique and who said that this was his first trip to the English-speaking Caribbean, described the region as “the world in between” and felt that the preaching of the Dominican Order will do well for the region.

“So I am very impressed by that, by the mission…we are in a very important place in the world…the Caribbean region, a sort of paradigmatic place in the world, a place where the population is coming from very different kinds of history, different kinds of culture, different kinds of languages too,” he said.

When asked what message he left with his Dominican Brothers serving in Grenada, he said it is the preaching of peace as they continue on their quest to do the work of Christ.

“…The message of the Dominican Order… it is an order to preach the gospel of peace, so the main message is to promote peace and communion. We don’t have anything else to do (but) to promote peace and communion, to trust that (the) human being is able to be lectured on communion in all humanity.

The influential Roman Catholic cleric was also asked to comment on whether he could envisage the church under Pope Francis making a revolutionary change and allowing priests to get married, as was the case with other religious sect.

He brushed aside the issue, saying there are far more important issues that priests need to concentrate upon than getting married to someone.

According to Fr. Cadore who has been a priest for over 30 years, a priest getting the opportunity to marry is not the most important issue facing the Catholic Church.

“For me the most important issue in the church is to give the floor to the Ecclesial community, to help each community to understand that without this community the church would miss something.

“So, this is to me (is) the main issue, the main goals, the main challenge for the church, to help everybody to understand if I am not committed to the life of my church, my church will miss me.

Other Clergy members at Sunday’s Mass

Other Clergy members at Sunday’s Mass

“…We need ministers in the church, we need communities…the ministers are not those who make the church, those who make the church are the communities and then the ministers are serving the communities.

Fr. Cadore lauded Pope Francis for the work he is doing and for leading the Catholic Church in today’s world.

He described Pope Francis as one who is prepared to give his life for the Catholic Church.

“He (The Pope) is preaching what he believes and he is doing what he is preaching and by this his Ministry is very impressive for all of the believers of the church, more than that too, for everybody in the world”, he said.

“It’s very impressive to see one manifest such faith  …which seems to be so easy to express and to (be a) testimony to the others in very simple words which are words of everyday… so he is giving his life,” he added.

Father Cadore was the chief celebrant at Sunday’s evening mass at the Roxborough Church which was attended by many Catholics in the diocese including acting Governor-General, Sir Daniel Williams and his wife Lady Gloria who are devoted Catholics.

The Catholic community in Grenada is presently waiting on information from Rome on the selection of a new Bishop to replace Grenadian-born Vincent Darius who died in April.

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