Historic amendment in Parliament

A special sitting of the House of Representatives on Tuesday ensured that there is a transfer of names of former police officers form the Police Voters’ List to the current list to make for an easier voting process.

This was made possible through amendments made to the Representation of People’s Amendment Act 2016 during the sitting of the Senate on September 9.

The amendments were agreed upon in the Upper House  without amendments at Tuesday’s sitting at the Trade Centre.

This Bill seeks to make provision for the re-registration of the names of persons whose names have been lawfully removed from the Police Voters List and to update the forms to facilitate proper administration of the Registration of Electors Rules.

The bill indicates that a person who was issued a Voter Identification Card and whose name has been included in the Police Voters’ List ceases to serve in the Royal Grenada Police Force (RGPF), the name shall be transferred from the Police Voters’ list to the current list.

Once the name is transferred to the current list, the Voter Registration Card that was issued while being a member of the RGPF shall be cancelled.

It will then be the responsibility of that individual to approach the Supervisor of Elections to be registered as an elector who is not serving in the RGPF and the Supervisor of Elections will issue a new Voter Identification Card to the person in accordance with  the rules.

The affected person will be exempted from any requirement to pay a prescribed fee with respect to the issue of a new card.

Likewise, if a new member of the RGPF has been registered to vote before joining the RGPF, that individual name shall be transferred from the current list to the Police Voters’ List, unless it may be impractical to do so.

If it is indeed impractical, that individual may take it upon themselves to make a request to the Supervisor of Elections to be registered as an elector who is serving in the RGPF in accordance with the rules.

Once that is done, the name shall be removed from the current list and the Voter Registration Card cancelled.

The Supervisor of Elections will issue a new voter registration card with no cost to that individual.

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