School leaving for some unsuccessful CPEA Students

Five centres have been created by the Ministry of Education to work with students who have not been successful in the Caribbean Primary Exit Assessment (CPEA) in an effort to have them write the school-leaving exam in two years.

Chief Education Officer – Elvis Morain

Chief Education Officer – Elvis Morain

This was announced by Chief Education Officer (CEO) in the Ministry of Education, Elvis Morain as he addressed members of the media at the weekly post-Cabinet Press Briefing held at the Ministerial Complex last Tuesday.

A total of 232 students were retained at the Primary school level, as they were not successful in the 2016 CPEA.

According to Morain, about 100 of these students have exceeded the age to write CPEA and will be given the chance to write the school leaving exam.

He said the five centres to be used are located on the mainland as the sister isle of Carriacou does not have that problem.

The places to be used as centres are Pomme Rose RC School, St. Andrew’s Anglican, St. Patrick R.C, St. George’s Methodist, and St. John’s RC.

Morain announced that the five centres will operate as clusters.

“So we are going to pull children within the district to attend the different centres. We are also looking at the most economical way.

It’s not necessary that you might just be placed in the district where you’re going because some children go to school in a particular district but they are not living in the district,” he said.

Morain said the decision taken by the Ministry of Education to allow some of the children to write the School Leaving exam was taken to ensure that all students in Grenada get a chance at attaining a Secondary School education.

“We are seeking also to address this issue in a more direct way, so we can have all our students transit into secondary school because we still commit to universal secondary education. The issue we have is to make sure that we have covered all the persons who are going forward”, he said.

“(The question) is if they are ready. It’s the level of readiness that we have to look at and the Ministry is going to be working steadfast to ensure that this is going to happen”, he added.

The CEO stated that the Ministry of Education has already identified the teachers to prepare the students who will be sitting the school-leaving exam.

“The Ministry is going to put a lot of resources there”, he said.

“…The Ministry desires this to ensure that these students will write the school leaving in two years time,” he remarked.

Morain sees a need for some collaborative efforts between the ministry and parents in order for the initiative to be successful.

“As a matter of fact, we have met with the principals concerned; we have met with the parents concerned.  What we want is some support from the parents because I’ll tell you this, psychologically many of the students who feel that they don’t have a try at the CPEA, they become demoralized”, Morain told reporters.

“So, we want the support from the parents to ensure these students know that I can do it, that I can succeed as some sort of motivation, to partner with us so that we can get the students to transit successfully in secondary school”, he said.

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