REMAX donates to CHORES project

The Children’s Health Organisation Relief and Educational Services (CHORES), which has been supporting Pediatric care in the country for more than 25 years is the recipient of EC$1,500 to support its cause compliments REMAX Grenada Ltd.

REMAX donates to CHORES project

REMAX donates to CHORES project

CHORES, is a not-for-profit, non-sectarian children’s health organisation based in Jacksonville, Florida.

Founded in 1989, CHORES is comprised of Pediatricians, Pediatric surgeons and nesthiologists, Pediatric sub-specialists, Pediatric physical, occupational and speech therapists, Prosthetic specialists, engineers, contractors, and educators – all willing to donate their time and expertise to assist with children’s health care on a global basis.

In early 1993, a support group for CHORES was formed in Grenada led by local Pediatrician, Dr. Beverly Nelson to raise funds and support CHORES projects within the tri-island State.

During a brief handing over ceremony at her office on St. John’s Street last week Thursday, Dr. Nelson expressed gratitude to the REMAX team for the monies that were raised at a Barbeque fundraiser activity held July 29 at the Morne Rouge, Playing Field, St. George.

“On behalf of CHORES I would like to thank everyone involved in making this fundraiser a success and we hope to partner with you as we move forward to support Pediatric care in Grenada”, she said.

REMAX Grenada Ltd. is a real estate company, that is part of an international franchise with more than 22, 000 offices worldwide.

In presenting the donation, owner of REMAX Grenada Ltd., Hyacinth Mc Barnette, commended Dr. Nelson for the work she has been doing under the CHORES initiative over the years and expressed hope that this presentation would be the first of many.

According to Dr. Nelson the monies would assist the medical team which is expected to arrive on the island this Friday from Florida, New Hampshire, and Washington DC.

Dr. Nelson said the team is expected to commence activities next week Monday at different venues around the island.

“The cardiac team would be at the National Stadium Monday through Friday, the Special needs team would be at the General Hospital on Monday and would move up to Grand Bras on Tuesday and then Sauteurs on Thursday”, she said.

“What we are trying to do is to ensure that throughout the community, we are providing care that is accessible, especially, by our special needs population, being mindful of the fact that they might have wheelchairs et cetera”, she added.

Dr. Nelson stressed that the group is “really excited about this mission” and for the first time the project is being expanded to provide assistance in the area of mental health.

“We will have a mental health professional, a child psychologist out of Washington DC, will come into work not only with the Ministry of Health, but the Ministry of Education to provide workshops and get a sense of what the needs are in the mental health area, especially with the adolescent population”, she said.

“We have noticed a lot of kids with different mental health issues coming into the ward (at the Mt Gay Mental Hospital) and we have now expanded the (programme) to include persons that can help us to address that”, she added.

Dr. Nelson indicated that the staff at Mt. Gay “would also be included in what we are doing in that area (mental health)”.

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