Equipment for Ministry of Agriculture

The GEF/UNDP Ridge to Reef Project last Friday handed over several tools and equipment to the Extension Division of the Ministry of Agriculture, Lands, Forestry, Fisheries & the Environment.

ridgeSome of the items handed over include easels, white boards, flip charts, facilitation training kits, projectors, iPad, laptop, calculators, hand levels, refractometers, bull horns, and soil testing kits.

Project Officer of the GEF/UNDP Ridge to Reef Project, Joseph Noel said “the items will be extremely useful in helping the Division to bring more information and assistance to farmers in Grenada, Carriacou and Petite Martinique”.

Noel emphasised the need to utilise the equipment through training, so that farmers’ income, and production can be increased throughout the tri-island state.

Senior Extension Officers in the Ministry of Agriculture, Kelly Patrick and George Phillip, accepted the items from Noel.

In the brief handing over ceremony, Phillip noted that the Extension Division is an informal teaching institution, and as such the equipment obtained will undoubtedly help to educate farmers in the field, and at occasional formal indoor sessions/workshops.
Patrick congratulated Noel and the entire GEF/UNDP Ridge to Reef project for delivering the equipment in an extremely timely manner.

He expressed appreciation for the prompt delivery of the equipment as the Extension Division has tried to obtain these items under several projects before, all to no avail.

The Extension Division is hoping to shortly facilitate workshops to help farmers take advantage of livelihood opportunities.

ridge-to-reefThe equipment received will be utilised at those sessions as they can help farmers to increase their income and livelihood, which is one of the Ridge to Reef Project’s main objectives.

During the handing over ceremony, the GEF/UNDP Ridge to Reef Project Officer made a commitment to cover travel expenses for farmers from Carriacou and Petite Martinique, so that they too can participate and benefit from all Ridge to Reef Project funded workshops that will be hosted by the Extension Division of the Ministry of Agriculture.

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