Camerhogne Park was a hub of activities during the period mid-July to early September 2016 with more than 16,000 persons visiting the park during that period.

The data on the use of the park showed that students and visitors for the Carnival Season were among those using the facility the most. On average approximately 300 to 400 persons visited or used the park on a daily basis. It should be noted that many of the users do so habitually.

A breakdown of the data showed that the final two weeks of the school term recorded increased usage among students. More than 2000 students and their teachers visited the park as part of their end of term educational and recreational activities. The overwhelming majority came from the outer parishes.

Families, parents and children, visitors from North America, the U.K and the Caribbean dominated the use of the park during the August holiday period. Families used the the park to stage birthday parties while senior citizens gathered for social events. These activities were in addition to the regular beach goers’ who used it to find peace and tranquility.

In addition, it has become a central meeting place for young lovers who spend long hours conversing with their partners.

It was observed that citizens from the parish of St. George — including the Limes, Morne Toute, Grand Anse Valley , and Woodlands use the park from as early as five in the morning each day of the week to exercise and hold discussions on topical issues before having a sea bath.

The data gathered on the use of the park is in stark contrast to the Prime Minister’s utterances at his party’s General Council in Gouyave where he claimed that nobody uses the park.

The members of the Save Camerhogne Park Committee are hopeful that the results of the unscientific usage study of the park will convince the Prime Minister and his Cabinet of the importance of this lone green space on Grand Anse Beach.

We also call upon the investors – the people planning to purchase the park – to recognise and respect our Grenadian patrimony. We are a very welcoming people; but, like the Egyptians who place maximum value on their pyramids –Camerhogne Park is no different to ordinary Grenadians.

Furthermore, we of the Save Camerhogne Park Committee draw the attention of the nation to the fact that Grand Anse Beach is fast becoming a gated community, noting that fences are being erected just above the highest watermark.

(The above was submitted by the Save Camerhogne Park Committee)

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