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The Police Welfare Association (PWA) of the Royal Grenada Police Force (RGPF) has continued the annual tradition of supporting the education process of children of Police Officers who were successful in the Caribbean Primary Exit Assessment (CPEA).

ACP Michael Francois – was captured presenting the cheque to Darren Andall

ACP Michael Francois – was captured presenting the cheque to Darren Andall

This year, PWA, which is under the leadership of Inspector 607 Simon Douglas budgeted in excess of $20,000 for the 2016, CPEA Grant.

The 78 beneficiaries were provided with a monetary contribution along with a backpack filled with school supplies during a presentation ceremony held last week Friday at the Grenada Red Cross Conference Room on upper Lucas Street.

Chairperson at the ceremony,  Woman /Corporal 85 Jessel Grant admonished the students to display leadership qualities.

“I’m asking you, I’m urging you, I’m encouraging you students, boys and girls, children, please be a shepherd and not a sheep. Lead others, lead them positively. Do not allow the negative peer pressure to carry you adrift, but let your self-esteem, let your values rise, and go forth and shine,” Corporal Grant said.

The woman Police Corporal indicated that there is the belief that children of prominent people in society are the most delinquent ones.

She reminded the students that their parents are charged with the responsibility of upholding the law and correcting someone else’s child, so they (the children) must also do the same with their peers.

Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP) Michael Francois who delivered the Commissioner’s remarks regarded the success of the students as being another stage in their development.

ACP Francois observed that the students are exiting the primary level, and moving into the secondary level, which he said is a serious juncture in the lives of the young ones, and one that should be taken seriously.

Police Officers  were at the handing over ceremony with their children

Police Officers were at the handing over ceremony with their children

The senior police officer who is in charge of RGPF’s Human Resource Department encouraged his subordinates to continue monitoring the progress of their children although, as Police Officers, they will be called upon to be at work for long hours, and in some instances having to travel abroad.

He expressed commendation on behalf of the Executive and Administration of the Police Force to the PWA for ensuring that the annual event continues.

He said the RGPF shares the success of the parents with their children who were successful at the CPEA.

However, the high-ranking Police Officer told the parents that due to the economic crisis throughout the world, they will not receive all that they want, but a little is important.

“Speak to them (the children) about possession of offensive weapons, speak to them about peer pressure and everything else that would have a negative impact on their progress,” he said.

In his message to the students, Insp. Douglas underscored the importance of education.

He said PWA wants to ensure that it makes a contribution in the educational development of the nation’s children.

While he used the occasion to congratulate the beneficiaries on being successful at CPEA, Insp. Douglas reminded them that it is the beginning of another journey in their education and there is no time to relax or just focus on playing.

The PWA Chairman also implored the students to not just place their energy on using modern technology for the use of games, but also make use of it for engagement with their school work.

“Everyday you pick up your computer or your tablet remember these words, education first, Internet and play after,” he said.

The PWA generates its funds from the monthly contributions of police officers.

Membership is open to officers from the rank of Inspector down to Police Constable.

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