National Plan 2030 at a standstill

The National Plan 2030 that is aimed at providing extensive development to the island for the next 15 years is facing some difficulties in moving forward.

THE NEW TODAY understands that the committees responsible  is far behind in its work and failed to meet the June deadline that was given to present its draft action plan.

Steering Committee of National Plan 2030

Steering Committee of National Plan 2030

The plan was launched in 2015 with a Steering Committee established, headed by Minister for Economic Development and Planning, Oliver Joseph and a Technical Working Group, headed by Dr. Patrick Antoine.

The National Plan 2030 will seek to provide jobs for persons who wish to work, business opportunities for those who choose to invest and social justice for all who believe in equality and human rights.

Minister Joseph stated at the 2015 launch that the 2030 plan will build on existing plans, policies and proogrammes like the National Strategic Plan 2007, the National Strategic Plan 2015/2017, the 2015 Strategic Plan in modernising the public sector, strategic plans of ministries, statutory bodies and state owned enterprises.

Speaking at Tuesday’s weekly post-Cabinet press briefing, Minister of State in the Ministry of Education and Human Resource Development, Senator Simon Stiell told reporters that the work is ongoing with respect to the 2030 plan.

“I can’t speak in detail to it but what I can say is work is ongoing.

Yes, the June deadline has slipped but it’s a significant undertaking.

This is a process that include so many different national stakeholders at all levels, whether it’s political parties, whether it’s civil society, the business community, the churches, etc…,” he said.

Sen. Stiell was unable to shed light on the new date for presentation of the draft action plan, saying that  it is something that should be thoroughly looked at.

“It’s a massive, massive undertaking and it’s something that can’t be rushed, it has to be done thoroughly. I can’t tell you the precise timetable now but that there is commitment of all of those involved, whether it’s within the committee, whether it’s the Social Partners who have a massive stake in this, continue to be committed to the completion of this study and for it to be done; the strategic plan to be well done,” he remarked.

However, well-placed sources told THE NEW TODAY that a lack of funds was hampering the work of the committee.

According to a high-level source, the Dr. Antoine-led working committee had submitted a report to government on the way forward but it was “shot down” on the grounds of budgetary constraints.

A regional technocrat who was approached for assistance with the plan said he could not give a commitment because no one was willing to tell him how much he would be paid for his expertise.

The source spoke of committee members making another presentation on the way forward but Prime Minister Dr. Keith Mitchell requested them to take back the proposals and refine it since the government did not have the monies to hire the amount of persons that were being suggested to do the necessary work.

He said PM Mitchell was not impressed because it had the smell that some people “were looking for jobs for the boys” on National Plan 2030.

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