A step closer to renaming athletic stadium

Sports Minister Roland Bhola has reaffirmed the commitment of the ruling New National Party (NNP) government to name the national athletics stadium at Queen’s Park after two-time Olympic medal winner, Kirani James.

This was first hinted last week by Health Minister, Nickolas Steele at a post-Cabinet press briefing days after James took silver in his pet event, the Men’s 400M race at the Rio Olympics in Brazil.

Minister Bhola who featured in Tuesday’s weekly press conference at the Ministerial Complex said that although a date cannot be given at the moment when the renaming ceremony will be held, it is still very much the intention of government to name the stadium after the star track athlete.

“We are looking at the varying angles, we are listening to the concerns coming in.  We are answering privately in our deliberations questions that are being asked -what do you give to (Bralon) Taplin?

What do you give to another medalist, if we should have one in the future?  We simply say to people that we will continue as long as we are the government in office to recognise and to give recognition to all who achieve and to all who have won a medal at that level”, he told reporters.

“So whether or not, we would have a Senator Garraway winning a medal at some point in time, what do you give to him? That will be answered when the time comes. What we are concentrating on now is the first person (Kirani) and so we believe it is well-deserving,” he said.

Taplin was the other Grenadian athlete who was in the final of the Men’s 400 metres race.

Minister Bhola also addressed the issue of the facilities under construction at the Cuthbert Peters Playing Field in Gouyave, St. John’s.

“It is almost to completion with minor works, five or six percent of the work still to be done…that too is under consideration (with respect to a name). In due time we will make the appropriate announcements because we wanna make sure that as we would say in our common language, we dot all the I’s and cross all the T’s”, he said.

“Of course, we would never be able to be completely perfect and to do what will please every single Grenadian but we will continue to do what we think is right and what is going to be pleasing to the majority of our people,” he added.

James won Grenada’s first Olympic medal when he struck gold in the 400 metres at the London Olympics in 2012.

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