St. George’s Anglican Church Rebuilding Process

Head of the Anglican Church in Grenada, Archdeacon Christian Glasgow, is satisfied with the level of restoration work that has been taking place on the St. George’s Anglican Church.

The Church, located on Church Street in St. George’s, suffered approximately 95 percent of structural and furnishings damage during the passage of Hurricane Ivan in September 2004.

Since then, Sunday Worship has been taking place at the nearby St. George’s Anglican School.

Archdeacon Glasgow used a recent sermon delivered to the St. George’s Congregation to provide an update on the level of work done and how funds are being used for the project that was launched on August 24, 2014.

To date approximately $750,000 has been spent on the project, and according to Archdeacon Glasgow, he estimates that roughly 85 percent of the job is now completed.

The Anglican Cleric said the next stage of the work to be done includes the chapel, toilets, vestry, floor, painting and furnishings, which he said, are estimated  to cost an additional $700,000.

Money is being raised through the “buy a pew and window” initiative, tile sheets, donation books, second collection after Sunday Worship, and several fundraisers.

Recently, a member of the congregation hosted a yard sale from which she was able to raise $9,500 for the rebuilding project.

Archdeacon Glasgow gave an insight into the level of work that has to be done on the flooring.

All the tiles that are still in place will be removed to be cleaned along with those that were rescued after the passage of the Hurricane Ivan and then relaid.

Archdeacon Glasgow said the first area of work to be done is the Sanctuary, which will be followed by the area of the Baptismal font at the back of the church, and then the main aisle.

“Our estimate is that when we have done these three areas, the entire front running along the Communion rail, we should be able to cover it too as it was,” he told the congregation.

Special material for the roof and furnishings, and four skilled workmen for the project were sourced from Guyana.

Thirty thousand dollars ($30,000.00) is spent monthly for labour.

The clergyman disclosed that the Guyanese workmen came to Grenada legally and are working legally and “are still here legally”.

According to Archdeacon Glasgow, the bulk of material for the project is being sourced on concession from the local firm of Jonas Browne and Hubbard (Grenada) Limited.

He also told the congregation that the Anglican Church was also getting one hundred percent concessions from government on all duties and charges on the Value Added Tax for material as part of the courtesies that were extended to the rest of the religious community from the State.

The Archdeacon and his Rebuilding Committee, headed by businessman Phillip David, recently received a favourable response from Bishop Leopold Friday for additional upgrades to the building that includes a media booth, an additional stair to the loft, a concrete roof for the chapel, vestry and toilet facility, and an upgrade of the present two toilet facilities to ensure that they are user-friendly for the physically challenged.

He disclosed that some of the funds for the additional upgrades to be undertaken are already in hand.

The media room with accessed steps and rails from the loft is estimated to cost $20,000, another $30,000 for the vestry and toilet extension, $40, 000 to do the reinforced concrete roof for chapel and bathroom facilities, and $35, 000 is being allocated to do the stairs to the choir loft and media room.

“Let us rise up and build,” Archdeacon Glasgow commissioned his congregation.

The rebuilding process for the St. George Anglican Community in the Parish began immediately after Hurricane Ivan in terms of having three of the four church buildings refurbished.

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