Sen. Moses: Find time to connect with God

Newly appointed Parliamentary Secretary in the Ministry of Youth, Sports and Religious Affairs with responsibility for Youth and Religious Affairs, Senator Pamela Moses has admonished a group of parents to become the nucleus in the lives of their children leading them to know God.

Speaking at the recent Sir Royston Hopkin Scholarship Programme, Sen. Moses who once served as Principal of the St. Andrew’s Anglican Secondary School (SAASS), called on the parents of the recipients of the scholarships to ensure that their children attend church on a regular basis.

The government member said her ministry believes that Religious Affairs plays an integral role in the success of any young person.

She disclosed that the Department of Religious Affairs is endeavouring to create a deeper connection by encouraging the value of God and Religion.

Sen. Moses said she is aware that not everyone may attend a church but just wants them to find time to connect with God.

“Just being involved in any activity that relates to praying to God, communicating with God does something for you, the little children,” she remarked.

The former school principal told the children that now they have completed their primary education and are moving onto the secondary school, they have a lot to be thankful about because of God.

“We want you to be thankful to God,” she said.

Sen. Moses recalled that research has shown that children who attend church are not as involved in criminal activity as those who do not.

She argued that church going instills a sense of morality in the individual of what is right and wrong.

She informed the scholarship recipients that, as they enter secondary school, they will find that they have to make many decisions.

Sen. Moses said they would get a higher sense of morality being associated with the persons at your church who will encourage them to speak to God asking for strength to continue.

The Government Minister who pleaded for parental support in the lives of their children believes that in the end the children will become an asset to the country and will be able to contribute to the country’s development.

Sen. Moses is expected to stand as a candidate for the ruling New National Party (NNP) in the upcoming general elections.

She is due to contest the St. Patrick East constituency as a replacement for the incumbent, Clifton Paul, who party insiders have said, is being dropped from the line-up.

Paul won the seat when he defeated the incumbent Prime Minister, Tillman Thomas who was the then political leader of the main opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC).

According to party insiders, Paul has been trying to drum up support among MP’s for him to be given another run for the seat but has so far not been successful.

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