Mushman after Power Soca 2016

Mushman in performance mode on Bacchanal Friday

Mushman in performance mode on Bacchanal Friday

It was his first time in the Power Soca competition and he placed third with his hit song, “In mi head” but Trevon “Mushman” Douglas said it will only get better for him.

In an exclusive interview with THE NEW TODAY newspaper last Thursday, Mushman said that taking the third spot came as a shocker to him but at the same time he had faith in the music he put out.

The 26 year old and former stage dancer for Cultural Ambassador, Mr. Killa, said the journey to Bacchanal Friday was a good one but it did not come without its challenges.
He described music as a beautiful thing but said there is a lot of stress surrounding it.

“It’s a lot of stress. It’s stressful when you don’t have enough sponsors and so on. Everything has to come out of your pocket and you don’t know where you getting it from sometimes. I hear people say that person sing so maybe I can sing too but they don’t know the stress that comes with Soca music and some of the people who you thought were your friends, they turn on you,” he remarked.

Being the writer of his own music, Mushman was asked where his inspiration comes from and he replied: “It’s everywhere, it comes when you least expect it.”

“Music don’t really take long for me to write because when you (have) been around people like Killa… …music (has) been a part of me for a long a time, it’s not nothing new.

“So when I have to put out something, it has to be good. If I do 10 songs and I find none of them ain’t sounding good, I’m not gonna put out any songs next year but I know it’s going to be good.

“…In mi head, ” when my friend was building the rhythm, I fell asleep on the rhythm…I told him I can’t get anything but one word … and (then) the song just came one time in my head…Inspiration comes when we least expect it.

Mushman also had a word of advice to the young and upcoming youngsters.

“I would say something to the youth – if you wanna do music, never try to rush music and don’t try to do jab jab music only. There are so many other topics out there that you can dwell on…I started my song in January and finished it in June – that’s when I was satisfied with it,” he said.
The third place winner in the Power Soca competition gave assurances that he will be back in 2017.

“I would be competing next year. This was my first time so next (year) has to be 10 times better than I was this year. I want to be a force to be reckoned with. I came with one or two hit songs but next year I am looking to come with about six and it has to be good music because if it’s not good, I’m not gonna sing it…” he said.

The groundwork for 2017, he said has already started as there are a couple of songs in the pipeline.

“People usually wonder when you come with one hit song, if you would be able to come with a next one like that. I find … it’s easy for me to do because Carnival just gone and when I look around at some of the things that are happening and during the Carnival, you may get inspiration from what you hear on the street and you take it and put it into music…it will only get better for me”, said the Gouyave resident.

Apart from loving music, Mushman said he is into the business to provide a better life for him and by extension his family.

His dream is to take his music to the regional and international stage.

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