Grenadian/American Artiste continues to break ground in the pop music industry

She has had smashing reaction to her song “Gimme that love” collaborated with Jamaican Dancehall Artiste Beenie Man, approximately one year ago and now Zhavea is hoping to have even better reaction to her new single “Victim.”

Zhavea is back in Grenada

Zhavea is back in Grenada

The Grenadian/American Pop/Dancehall artiste is in Grenada for the second time in her lifetime; the first time being August 2015 as she sought to get in touch with her roots as her mother is Grenadian and to experience Spicemas for the first time.

In an exclusive interview with THE NEW TODAY newspaper last week, Zhavea said since coming to Grenada last year, she went back home to Los Angeles (LA) and started working on a new CD which is still a work in progress.

However, she said that her new single “Victim”, which was released earlier in the month, has been doing really well in the Caribbean and the US.

“It’s playing over in the US and different countries and they started to play it here in Grenada as well. The CD is not done yet but I’m looking to add some features on some of the songs so it’s in the works,” she added.

Zhavea believes that her new single is one that every woman can relate to.
The song shows the artiste embracing her West Indian culture as it has a modern reggae vibe to it.

It tells of a woman who found out that her man had done her wrong, he pleads his love to her but she shows no interest.

While in Grenada, Zhavea will be engaging in some promotional activities as she feels there is still a lot of work to be done as it relates to Grenadians getting familiar with her.

She told this newspaper that being Grenadian she is hoping to do some shows here.

“Definitely since I’m out there I’m handing out my new single and promoting that and I do wanna make a video out here. I don’t know if it’s for this song but I do wanna make a video, definitely to show Grenada and how beautiful it is you know …. just definitely more promotion out here”, she said.

“…Definitely more shows… I’m looking to do more shows. I really wanna do some shows out here. I really wanna figure it out and maybe do some performances out here and of course in the States and other countries as well and do more music. Even though I have a new CD coming out, I definitely keep working and writing and creating new music and I am now interested a little bit in acting and modeling as well,” she added.

Zhavea has had collaborations with Beenie Man, Mr. Vegas and Sean Paul and is seeking to have some collaboration with Grenadian artistes.

“I am always open to do some more Caribbean-like collaboration especially like Tallpree and Sean Paul. Me and Sean Paul actually had a song, we never released it but I’m looking to get back in touch with Sean Paul and do another song with him. “

“…There are quite a few people I like to work with. Tallpree… he is Grenadian and I really would like to collaborate with a Grenadian artiste.

This newspaper also interviewed the artiste’s mother, Jhadel Perry last year who said it is the intention of Zhavea to be a role model to young girls with her sexy but clean music and this is still the objective as she strives toward breaking ground in the music industry.

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