Melody Warriors make debut on the big stage

“The kids were really excited. It was a big leap for us. We placed eighth but we came out (of the competition) with more than just eighth place.”

Those were the words uttered by Manager of the “Melody Warriors” steel ban, Lester Prime, on the impact that the band’s participation in the recently held Junior Panorama competition had on band members.

The 30-member band from Morne Fendue in St. Patrick was the newest introduction to the Junior Panorama line-up, which formed part of the Children’s Carnival Frolic (CFF) that took place July 30 at the national Cricket Stadium, Queen’s Park, St. George’s.

Prime spoke to told reporters following the band’s performance of their rendition, the 1994 soca track “Doh come so fast” by Peter Humphrey.

“This is our first year in competition on the big stage and we just wanted to come out here and have a good time (and) observe what it is like”, he said.

“We wanted the players to get exposure and gain experience”, he added.

Prime also used the opportunity to call on “businesses, especially those operating in St. Patrick to help support the band through sponsorship”.

He said the steel band is in “need of some new instruments (and) has been looking for sponsorship for quite some time now.”

Prime would also like to see the band increase in numbers by Christmas this year.

“Some students have expressed interest to join (the band) after the Carnival season and we have already began introducing it to the two primary schools in Sauteurs,” he said.

“We should have a band (of) 60-persons strong by Christmas”, he remarked.

On the evening of the Panorama competition, Melody Warriors came up against seven other steel orchestras vying for the 2016 “Band of the Year” title that was captured by Commancheros and Associates steel band for a second consecutive year.

“It was a great experience,” they (the band members) were singing all the way back up to St. Patrick’s,” Prime recalled.

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