Armed Kidnappers on the Run

Police are looking for two men, believed to be armed with a gun for questioning in an alleged drug/kidnapping incident that took place last week in Gouyave.


Timothy Wllliams  – last known address is Darbeau and now on the Police Most Wanted list

Timothy Wllliams – last known address is Darbeau and now on the Police Most Wanted list

Well-placed sources told THE NEW TODAY that one of the suspects had been living in North America for sometime before retuning to his homeland and taking up residence in Darbeau, St. George’s.

The incident, which occurred around 9:00 p.m last week Thursday, was initially reported to police as a vehicular accident.

However, police later picked up information that four persons were allegedly kidnapped by two armed men who drove away with them into the St. David’s area.

According to a reliable source, the incident started off with Florida resident, Ralston Chateau who was on his way home from a football game in Gouyave.

He said the two suspects apparently jumped into Chasteau’s vehicle as he slowed down to drive over a hump with one of the attackers holding him at gunpoint while the other held him in his neck from behind.

He spoke of the attackers ordering him to continue driving but Chateau was able to alert another vehicle in front of him that something wrong was happening.

He reportedly swerved the vehicle and drove in front of another vehicle on the road, which resulted in the other driver in the next vehicle making an abrupt stop.

The kidnappers struck Chasteau in the head knocking him unconscious, which forced the vehicle to run off the road.

The two gangsters then moved in the direction of the other vehicle and held up the occupants – a man and a woman – holding them hostage and taking them along with Chateau to La Sagesse in St. David.

Once in La Sagesse, one of the men was beaten and all four of the victims were robbed of their money.

THE NEW TODAY was told that the police had picked up information about the unfolding event and went in search of the kidnappers and those held hostage.

The kidnappers released two of the victims before fleeing from the area and taking along with them the other two men who were tied up in the vehicle.

The men were dropped off in Vincennes, St. David without any further harm done to them.

The source told this newspaper that there is a high possibility that the motive of the kidnappers was money as they questioned the first victim on whether his family was wealthy.

The vehicle of the first victim was taken to the Gouyave Police Station when it was recovered by the lawmen.

Police later found the second abandoned in Vincennes last Thursday night.

Lowther's Lane resident Gordon Williams  is wanted by the police for questioning

Lowther’s Lane resident Gordon Williams is wanted by the police for questioning

Another vehicle believed to have been used by the kidnappers was recovered on Tuesday night in Mirabeau, St. Andrew.

Sources told THE NEW TODAY that one of the theories of the police is the kidnapping resulted from an alleged drug deal that went sour.

The police are also investigating another incident, which could be related to the kidnapping incident.

On Saturday night, three men armed with guns reportedly tried to steal a yacht but unfortunately they could not get the yacht to move from its anchor.

The wife of the owner of the yacht was held hostage and taken ashore by the armed men.

There are unconfirmed reports that the lady might have been raped by her assailants.

The incident happened in the vicinity of Hog Island.

Kidnapping is considered by local police as something unusual in the Spice Isle.

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