A historic victory on Majestic Thursday

She was left out of competition in 2015 but has come back with a vengeance in 2016 as Miss St. George’s,  Samantha Francis has not only walked away with the 2016 Carnival Queen title but with every other category within the competition.

Carnival Queen 2016 – Samantha Francis

Carnival Queen 2016 – Samantha Francis

Best Interview, Best Talent, Best Swimwear, Best Costume, Best Evening Wear and Best Final Question were all copped by the St. George’s representative on Majestic Thursday at the National Stadium at Queen’s Park.

The interview section was conducted prior to the night of the show and was aired unedited, exposing the vulnerability of the contestants under tough circumstances.

Approximately four questions were put to the contestants but Miss St. George’s was scored as the one giving the best answer.

Her talent was that of a monologue and dance expressing freedom, her costume expressing a kaleidoscope of colours placed her above the others and her evening wear and final question were also adjudged as the best in the competition.

The Miss St. George contestant scored a total of 1107 points in getting the nod of the panel of judges.

Francis captured in her talent portrayal, an aspect that has been left out of  competition for a number of years

Francis captured in her talent portrayal, an aspect that has been left out of
competition for a number of years

She told the assembled media at the stadium after the show that she can’t believe that she did the “clean sweep.”

“I can’t express what I feel right now, it’s more than amazing. I can’t believe it, it definitely had me on my toes, late nights of practicing, early mornings. The most challenging part of the show was to stay consistent…it was easy for me to just sit down on the chair, say I’m not doing it anymore, I’m tired but I had to be bold,” said the beauty queen.

In answering one of her questions during the competition, Francis disclosed that she is a big supporter of charities.

During her reign, she will be required to conduct community projects both locally and regionally, and said that her focus will be on the youth.

“I will be continually interacting with the schools, and just getting a feel of what I used to think and what are the challenges they face and whatever I can do to make that better because that’s where we need to start from. That’s where we going to make a change in our country and I’m definitely going to make my reign one of a change,” said the 2016 Carnival Queen.

First runner up in the competition was Miss St John, Kerryne James, who scored a total of 933.5 points while second runner up went to Miss Carriacou and Petit Martinique, Eslyn Blair with 854 points.

The contestants in their glory on Majestic Thursday

The contestants in their glory on Majestic Thursday

“It was a wonderful experience, I had fun, I made new friends…it means a lot to Carriacou to go back with something at least,” Blair told reporters.

“This event has been one that I looked forward to all my life and just to know that I have never given up no matter what obstacles that were thrown at me, I went out there, I did my best and I represented my parish (St. John) to the best of my ability and I know that they are proud of me for that,” remarked Kerryne James.

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