SAMS and Sundance Promotions partner for Spicemas

St. Augustine’s Medical Services (SAMS) and Sundance Promotions on July 20 announced their partnership for Spicemas 2016.

SAMS ambulance and a small medical team, will be a regular feature at all Sundance Promotions and Summer Crew pre-carnival events, and will follow the band along the display route for fancy mas, on Carnival Monday and Tuesday.

“There are quite a number of activities that revellers participate in during the lead up to and throughout the carnival season. They often undertake strenuous exercise programmes, consume lots of alcohol and do not get enough rest or stay hydrated. All of these factors, either individually or combined, can take a serious toll on the body, without persons being aware of it”, said Allyson Amechi, Administrative Director at SAMS.

She went on to say: “By the last two days of carnival, a number of persons begin showing signs of exhaustion, such as dizziness, muscle weakness, slower reflexes and even impaired judgement, which can be harmful if left untreated. SAMS’ medical team will be on site to administer emergency care to any masquerader and provide an element of added safety for the patrons of Sundance Promotions and Summer Crew carnival band”.

The Summer Crew carnival band, which receives tremendous support from locals and visitors to the island, will feature several costumed sections under the theme ‘Samba Samba – Brazil to Grenada’.

Robert “Bobby” Steele and Kim Steele, partners and coordinators of Sundance Promotions and Summer Crew, expressed their delight at once again being able to partner with SAMS.

“Our partnership with St. Augustine’s Medical Services is a welcome addition to the carnival package we have on offer for both locals and visitors to our island for Spicemas. Whilst we want our patrons to have fun at our events, we also recognise the importance of safety as we work towards enhancing our visitor experience. Having a medical team on site, at large events and on the road with revellers is crucial, and an industry standard around the world including neighbouring Trinidad”, Steele said.

SAMS and Sundance Promotions wish Grenadians an enjoyable and festive season, whilst reminding the public to be cautious and consider their safety and that of others, when attending the various carnival events.

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