RGPF to adopt zero tolerance for Carnival Season

The Royal Grenada Police Force (RGPF) has given assurances that proper security measures will be put in place in an effort to ensure a safe Carnival Season for the nation.

The police are now in a better position to execute a Mobile Command Unit

The police are now in a better position to execute a Mobile Command Unit

Speaking at a Motor Vehicle Handing Over Ceremony at the Special Services Unit (SSU) compound at Point Salines last week Wednesday, Acting Commissioner of Police, Winston James noted that the activities that have already taken place were incident-free.

James said the police force will adopt a zero tolerance level to the use of weapons during the entire activities.

“I am calling on the young men and women who feel their only choice… when they are confronted to use a cutlass, a knife or a gun, to stay away from that because at the end of the day you will have a police record, and that will greatly affect you,” he remarked.

The Acting Police Commissioner said RGPF has been “building a good image” as a Police Force and for Grenada itself and “no one should do anything at this stage to undermine that kind of image that is being built.”

“I would like to encourage every Grenadian and even visitors to stay in line with the law,” he added.

Last week, the police official took receipt of 14 new vehicles, which Acting Commissioner James said came at a very timely and appropriate time for the force as it prepares for the Carnival Season.

“We are now preparing for our operations, and that (the vehicles) will greatly enhance our effectiveness to respond more quickly to calls and complaints,” he said.

The island’s Chief Cop announced that some of the vehicles will be used for operational purposes during the Carnival Season, in addition to a Police Mobile Command Vehicle that was donated by Japan.

The purchase of the vehicles by RGPF has reportedly been questioned by some leading vehicle dealers in the country.

Sources told THE NEW TODAY newspaper that these business houses, considered to be strong supporters of the ruling New National Party (NNP) government, are annoyed as the vehicles were not purchased through them.

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