Presbyterian Church in concept stage

The Presbyterian Community in Grenada is now in the process of designing its main church building on Grand Etang Road in St. George’s.

Rev. Osbert James

Rev. Osbert James

The main Presbyterian Church was among those church buildings that suffered structural damage during the passage of Hurricane Ivan 12 years ago.

However, no rebuilding could have commenced until work was done on the rock face on which the church was constructed in an effort to solve the rockfall issue in the vicinity of the Sendall Tunnel in St. George’s.

As part of a $2.9M Sendall Tunnel Rock Fall project, a retaining wall was erected to assist with stabilising the foundation of the church.

In an exclusive interview with THE NEW TODAY newspaper, Moderator of the Church, Rev. Osbert James said that concept designs are being worked upon before a final decision is taken on how the church should eventually proceed.

Rev. James indicated that construction of the church building will possibly be done to the north of the tower.

He said that nothing has been approved and that a budget still has to be put together to facilitate the actual construction work.

According to Rev. James, initially the Church was not given permission by the Physical Planning Unit in the Ministry of Works to rebuild until the rock face was regularised.

“Now that the cliff face has been done, we are trying to do a building that would last us as long as this one lasted,” he said.

The Presbyterian Church was built in 1833.

The Church Members currently congregate at Knox House on Grand Etang Road for their regular worship.

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