Look for Lady Cinty in 2017

The re-emergence of Grenada’s first National Female Calypso Monarch at this year’s Carnival Season could mean big things to come for Cynthia “Lady Cinty” Ogiste in 2017.

Lady Cinty - planning something special in 2017

Lady Cinty – planning something special in 2017

The female calypsonian who was off the scene for 16 years returned to the national stage in the Groovy Competition.

However, she failed to make it to the final after participating in the semi-final round of the competition with her song, “Action.”

In an exclusive interview with THE NEW TODAY newspaper, Lady Cinty hinted that her sons who are into soca are planning something special for her in 2017.

She also said once things work out well she will be in the calypso monarch competition next year.
Lady Cinty is the mother of the former Soca Monarch winners, the duo of Luni Spark and Electrify (Kellon and Kelson Ogiste).

She recalled that in her hay day of singing, the children were small, and in 2003 they came to her and signaled their intention to start singing and performing on stage.

According to her, once the children came forward to sing, she decided to take a back seat.

“I have always been there to just give them the guidelines. Whenever they have to write a song they make sure I am the first person to hear… so at least I am able to guide them”, she said.

The duo has three soca monarch crowns under their belts.

The female calypsonian who won the National Monarch Title in 1983 commented on the state of calypso in Grenada.

She believes Grenada Calypso is missing a lot from the “old voices,” adding that things are now completely different.

Lady Cinty indicated that in the earlier days there was a “one-love” among Calypsonians, but this has now diminished.

She would like to see the younger artistes adopting the way things were done in the past.

“While the young ones are involved, no disrespect, I realise that they are not long-lasting (long in the business),” she said.

Lady Cinty believes that money and the fantastic prize monies paid to winning artistes are the cause of the disunity that now exists among Calypsonians.

“From the time this money get involved… and the prizes, I think this is what contributed to it”, she said.

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