Flow temporarily changes its mind on retrenchment of workers

Most of the workers given dismissal letters by Flow have been asked to continue working for a few months.

Some of the workers in a Union meeting on Tuesday

Some of the workers in a Union meeting on Tuesday

The move comes two days before what was supposed to be their last working day on July 31st.
It was approximately two weeks ago when the telecommunications company issued letters to over 50 workers as part of its agenda to outsource a number of employment opportunities.

The decision was harshly criticized by the Technical & Allied Workers Union (TAWU), the bargaining agents for the employees which deemed the move as a clear violation of the collective agreement process and the laws of Grenada.

The Union met with some of workers Tuesday to look at the way forward in relation to what is being expressed by Flow.

TAWU President Andre Lewis told reporters that the company did not consult with the Union on the issue at hand.

“If the company has said that it was outsourcing, which as we maintain was illegal, the company is not in a position although the 31st of July was according to the company the last day of work for the workers, yet still they are requesting of the workers to turn out to work, to continue working for the company which is clear violation of the collective agreement because our union doesn’t represent individuals … and as long as these workers are working with Cable and Wireless, they are part of the collective agreement of the union”, he said.

According to Lewis, each worker has been engaged individually by the company based on the rest made for them to stay on the job for a few more months.

“Now, workers want to work. We want the workers to work and that is why we have said, the company ought not to have gone into outsourcing because the workers ought to continue working with the company on the basis of their employment relationship,” he said.

The new TAWU boss charged that the level of unpreparedness displayed by Cable & Wireless, which prides itself as having the highest level or professionalism, had engaged in spite by issuing the letters of dismissal to the employees.

“Could you imagine a company writing to individuals that the last day of work will be July 31st.

TAWU rep at head table addresses workers

TAWU rep at head table addresses workers

This is Cable and Wireless, this is (a) company with hundreds of years of experience. This is a company with some of the best brains in terms of management or so they claimed and yet still they are unprepared, yet still you are telling the workers that this is the last day of employment but on the 29th going to the workers individually and say, hey look we are not yet ready, could you continue working with us.

“…What (are) the terms and conditions of these workers. This is a clear case of where the company is trying to de-unionise the work force. This is a clear case of where the company is trying to exploit the workers. This is not a corner shop, this is not a rum shop on the side of the road where you have somebody that you give some employment and you come and …. you tell them well look Friday is your last day but ….. could you stay on still”.

The TAWU President highlighted some of the issues currently facing the Union in dealing with

Flow on what he called its “total disrespect and disregard” toward the workers.

He said: “One of the main factors confronting the workers that the company (is) still to make (is) the correct payments to the workers in terms of their severance pay…the law is clear that in lieu of notice, the workers years of service must be calculated up (to) the expiry of that notice. The company is refusing to do this and this is one of the major reasons we are (here) discussing with the workers.

“…We have written to the company (about) workers whose job titles have changed but when you look at the content of the job it is exactly the same thing. The company has failed to respond to us, we have written to the company about the workers who have asked to be released because during this period of uncertainty the company has failed to respond.

“We have written to (the) company about the supposedly new contractor that they want to outsource, the company has not responded to us and the company just continues to be blatant in its total disregard for all concerned.

THE NEW TODAY understands that most of the affected workers have decided to stay on the job and continue working with Cable & Wireless.

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