Sexual favours for government benefits

A top official in the ruling New National Party (NNP) Government has been accused of seeking sexual favours from young ladies of the rural parish of St. Patrick’s for government benefits.

Deputy Political Leader of NDC Joseph Andall

Deputy Political Leader of NDC Joseph Andall

Speaking at a political meeting of the main opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) at Tempe, St. George’s last week Wednesday, Deputy Political Leader Joseph Andall said he was made aware of a situation in which two young women were accosted by the individual who made sexual advances towards them.

Without identifying the person Andall said, two different young women, unknown to each other, separately told him that a senior government minister to whom they went for assistance had requested them to report to his private home.

According to Andall, a Congress government will defend and respect the young women of the country who should be seen as human beings and not be subjected to sexploitation in order to get a vote.

“The days of sexploitation of our young women would be put to an end, and the only way we can put it to an end is by putting the NNP out.

Our young women must be allowed to live in dignity, our sisters and our girlfriends must be able to talk to their parliamentary representatives without fear or being forced into unwanted sexual favours,” he said.

The NDC Deputy Political Leader also informed the young men of the nation that Congress will offer them productive opportunities as a means of getting them off the streets in an effort to turn their life around.

He feared that if the country does not invest in the young men, and have them trained in skills they will be lost in the system.

“We have to ensure that those who did not make it academically are not forgotten, and that proper systems are put in place that they could become constructive and productive citizens,” he said.

The Keith Mitchell-led NNP administration has been forced to enter into a Structural Adjustment Programme (SAP) with support from the Washington-based International Monetary Fund (IMF) to arrest a fiscal problem partly due to a staggering debt of EC$2.7 billion.

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