CRAC set for Calypso Competition

Three women are in the line up for the Grenada Constitution Reform Advisory Committee (CRAC) Calypso Competition, which takes place at Carnival City on the Carenage on August 1.

They are Anthonia “Zena” Simon, Georgia “Messenger” McIntyre, and Monique Cummings.
The  ten-member cast of Calypsonians includes former Independence Monarch, Sean “Sour Serpent” Niles, former Junior Monarch, Nathan Johnson, and his father, Raphael “Croquetta” Johnson.

The others in the competition are Allan Gaskin, Ken Joseph, Etieron “Prince Etieron” Edwards.

During a recent press conference, CRAC’s Communication Consultant, Raelene Lazarus said the Constitution Reform Calypso Competition, which has the blessings of Spicemas Corporation, will be used as part of the public information process leading up to the planned Referendum to effect changes to the 1974 Grenada Constitution document.

The winner of the competition has the opportunity to walk away with $10,000, the artiste finishing second is guaranteed $7,000, and the third place winner is in line for $5,000.

An appearance fee will be paid to the other Calypsonians who did not place in the top three.

Grenada is embarking on constitution reform to make certain changes to the Constitution.
Seven Constitution Bills, which are to be decided upon in a referendum, have already been passed in both Houses of Parliament.

The Bills are the Caribbean Court of Justice and other Justice-related matters (amendment) Act 2, Name of State (amendment) Act, Term of Office of Prime Minister, Fixed Date For Elections, Ensuring the appointment of Leader of the Opposition (amendment) Act, Elections and Boundaries Commission (amendment) Act, and Rights and Freedoms (amendment).

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