Congress honours Nazim leadership

The main opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) has taken its weekly public meetings to the Constituency of St. George’s North East that was once represented in Parliament by its Political Leader, Senator Nazim Burke.

Sen. Burke won the seat in the 2003 and 2008 general elections, but lost it in 2013 to Tobias Clement of the New National Party (NNP).

Known as “The People’s Parliament,” Congress brought its message to the people of Tempe, St. George’s, encouraging them to once again give their support to Sen. Burke.

Deputy Political Leader Joseph Andall described his Political Leader as someone who has commanded the respect of all regional Leaders.

Andall told the public meeting he had the pleasure of being associated with Burke over the past four years, and that the only real choice the people of St. George’s North-east has is to vote for the NDC Political Leader whenever elections are called.

“Not only will you be electing an MP (Member of Parliament) of the highest calibre, you will also be giving yourself the opportunity to have a Prime Minister in your constituency,” he said.

The No.2 man in Congress admonished the people of St. George’s North East to be aware of the lies and propaganda against Sen. Burke.

He stated that Sen. Burke who has proven himself to be a tried and tested patriot of Grenada is seen as a thorn in the side of some people in Grenada.

According to Andall, Burke who served as a government minister in the Tillman Thomas administration between 2008 and 2013 never had to face a Commission of Inquiry involving about half of a million dollar in a briefcase. “There is no cloud hanging over Nazim Burke,” he added.

This is a clear reference to the inquiry conducted into allegations that current Prime Minister Dr. Keith Mitchell had received US$500, 000.00 from convicted fraudster, Eric Resteiner in St. Moritz, Switzerland in 2000 as a bribery in exchange for a diplomatic position with the Grenada government.

Andall said that Grenada is yearning for people of character and integrity who have the interest of the country at heart, and would not make deals under the table with crooks, criminals and conmen.

He spoke of the existence of an unholy alliance of political misfits and political opportunists parading around the country.

He was clearly referring to former members of the NDC including its one-time General Secretary Peter David and trade unionist Chester Humphrey who were expelled from the party and are now giving support to the NNP.

Recently, NNP political activist, Kennedy Budhlall (KB) who was featured on a radio programme that was hosted by NNP operatives Andre Donald and Devon Romain who was once an NDC Chairman in St. Andrew’s revealed plans of Burke’s opponents to launch a scathing attack on the NDC Political Leader.

Budhlall who is known to have been associated with various political parties and governments on the island including the ill-fated 1979-1983 People’s Revolutionary Government of executed Prime Minister, Maurice Bishop identified President of the Senate Chester Humphrey and David who is now a card-bearing member of the NNP as being among the people who would lead the onslaught on Burke.

“I know people like Chester (Humphrey), Peter (David) and all of them will put their pulp in that (St. George’s North East) Constituency to make sure he (Burke) does not win,” he claimed.

“All of us would not make it easy for Nazim Burke in the media, we will expose him… So we will not make it easy for Nazim. If he feels he is going to have it easy in that constituency, it is joke he is making. We (are) going to pound him night and day,” he added.

Budhlall believes if Burke loses the St. George’s North East seat that will be the end of his political career.

The NNP political activist indicated that it will not only be a smear campaign against the NDC Political Leader as “we have too much ammunition to pelt.”

In his message, NDC Caretaker for the Constituency of St. David’s, Adrian “Persuader” Thomas said the party supporters in St. David’s have pledged their loyalty to Sen. Burke.

Thomas spoke of the Constituency of St. George’s North East being an important one for Congress, adding that every ounce of support is needed to bring it back into the NDC fold.

The senior executive member of Congress believes his political leader is becoming a serious problem for some people on the island.

He said the people of Grenada are now seeing someone who once claimed to be struggling for the poor people of Grenada has now reduced himself to fighting a single man.

“I want Keith Mitchell and the NNP to know, no matter how they come, no matter how hard they fight, a star is a star, and a leader is a leader,” he told the gathering.

Thomas who is Congress lead spokesperson on agriculture said that sector is featured prominently in the party’s soon to be released policy document to transform the economy.

He spoke of being confident that life in the rural areas, which depends heavily on agriculture will be transformed.

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