Ambassador Quibilah Shabbaz and Dr Julius Garvey for emancipation 2016

Two distinguished guests will be in Grenada for Emancipation Day 2016 (August 1).

Ambassador Shabbaz – always wanted to be in touch with her Grenadian roots

Ambassador Shabbaz – always wanted to be in touch with her Grenadian roots

According to Minister of Culture and Heritage, Senator Brenda Hood the two are Quibilah Shabbaz, the second daughter of Civil Rights Activist, Malcolm X and the other being Dr Julius Garvey, son of Marcus Garvey.

Emancipation Day marks the abolition of slavery in Grenada. Every year, the day is observed on August 1st, with tribute to history and cultural events.

This year’s event will be celebrated in collaboration with the Rainbow City Festival in Grenville St. Andrew.

The move to bring the celebration to Grenville is aimed at giving a fillip to the Rainbow City Festival which in recent years has been on the decline in terms of the numbers of persons attending and the businesses showing up to showcase their products.

“We chose St. Andrew because as you know the Rainbow City Festival seems to be losing the intention why it started in the first place…we do not want to dilute what is taking place during that period of importance, so we will have just a small ceremony in St. George’s but the main event will take place on the Monday in St. Andrew at the bus terminus,” Sen. Hood told a sitting of the Upper House in Parliament.

Dr. Julius Garvey – Son of Marcus Garvey

Dr. Julius Garvey – Son of Marcus Garvey

The government minister outlined the reasons for inviting close relatives of the two most celebrated black names in the Western Hemisphere.

“Marcus Garvey came here many, many, many years ago and Ambassador Shababz who was here last year…was very impressed with Grenada, as you know her Grand Mother was born in Grenada and she is the daughter of Malcolm X.

“…She visited the property in La Digue, I went with her and she was very impressed…Ambassador Shabbaz is one of the Ambassadors to Belize and she does a lot of good work for Belize, showcasing the destination, educational programmes. These are things that they will like to do,” she said.

It is the hope of government that Grenada’s tourism industry will benefit from the visit of these two distinguished black individuals.

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