4000 vouchers handed out for use by vulnerable families

Approximately 4000 vouchers for the Uniform Assistance Programme were distributed to the different constituencies to hand out to low income families in the country.

Leonara Buckmire – SEED representative

Leonara Buckmire – SEED representative

Representatives from the different constituencies gathered at the Ministry of Works last week Tuesday for the handing over ceremony that was officiated by Support for Education Empowerment and Development (SEED) and the committee responsible for the uniform programme.

Government has budgeted $1 million for the 2016 programme, an increase of over 30% in funding allocation for both primary and secondary schools.

Students at the primary school level will now receive $100, an increase of $50 from last year while those attending secondary schools will now receive $150, an increase of $50.

Minister with responsibility for Disaster Management and Information, Senator Winston Garraway who spoke at the ceremony disclosed that the most number of applicants came from St. David(442) and the least from the sister isle of  Carriacou (128).

Administrative Officer in the Office of the Prime Minister, Naomi Jeremiah noted that the vouchers contain bar codes for security reasons.

“We have security codes in place, so when we reconcile a voucher, we know where it came from, where it originates…the security bars are there so that we’ll know what vouchers have been issued,” she said.

Representative from Ministry of Social Development and Housing, Leonara Buckmire told the gathering that the programme has done a lot to assist needy students to reach the top.

“This assistance will ensure that our students attend school and perform at their optimum…one of our beneficiaries who would have received the award for punctuality at his school, he is our SEED beneficiary, obviously a recipient of the Uniform Assistant Programme”, she said.

Deputy PM, Elvin Nimrod hands over vouchers to one of the constituency representative

Deputy PM, Elvin Nimrod hands over vouchers to one of the constituency representative

“We do have other success stories…photos of our students at their graduation receiving top honours, some of them being valedictorian,” she added.

According to Buckmire, the vouchers will be valid from July 19 to September 30 and students can use it to purchase school socks, vests, belts, shirts, et cetera and limited stationary items.

THE NEW TODAY was told that vouchers will be distributed in the coming  week and in order to collect their vouchers, persons will be called into one particular location by a constituency representative for the handing out.

No information was given on the exact location of the venue.

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