Senators welcome Pamela Moses to Upper House

Former secondary school principal, Pamela Moses is now officially a member of the Upper House in Parliament.

Sen. Moses took the oath last week Wednesday during a sitting of the Senate at the Trade Centre in Morne Rouge, Grand Anse, St. George’s.

Pamela Moses – Newest government Senator in parliament

Pamela Moses – Newest government Senator in parliament

Prime Minister Dr. Keith Mitchell announced her entry into politics earlier in the month in a national address when he said that the former Principal of the St. Andrew’s Anglican Secondary School (SAASS) would be replacing the outgoing Sen. Sheldon Scott in Parliament.

In her maiden speech in the Upper House, Sen. Moses said that she loved teaching but it was always her desire to do more for the country.

“It (teaching) was a wonderful and very rewarding experience and folks might be wondering why would one give that up, why would someone who is at the top of their career in education give up that opportunity and move into choppy waters because I know this position here would not be without its challenges”, she said.

The new Senator was welcomed to Parliament by members from both sides of the political divide including Leader of Government Business in the Senate, Simon Stiell and Political Leader of the main opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC), Nazim Burke.

Sen. Stiell described the new Senator as someone who served with distinction in education for 22 years as a teacher, an active community worker, and one who cares about people and the welfare of her community.

He said that her elevation into Parliament as a Senator and her appointment as Parliamentary Secretary with responsibility for Youth, Sports and Religious Affairs now means that Sen. Moses will now be able to elevate her contribution from the community level to “the national level to make a national contribution”.

Sen. Nazim Burke referred to the new government member to the Senate as a “new and shining light.”

“I do not know Sen. Moses very well. We have met on a couple of occasions.  I happened to have gone to SAASS on a couple of occasions to meet with the students concerning the annual debates and I watched very carefully her interaction with the students there and what I think comes through without any doubt is her love for children and her love for teaching. So I believe that Sen. Moses we have found in the Senate a new and shining light,” he said.

Trade union representative in the Senate, Raymond Roberts also extended best wishes to the island’s newest member of the Senate.

He said:  “Best wishes to Sen. Moses. She certainly comes from part of our family, which is the Trade Union family. Having been a teacher, I’m sure she would have been part of the GUT (Grenada Union of Teachers) and made a solid contribution to this proud union.

‘I have the greatest respect for the institution from which she came from, SAASS…I’m sure she will lend a tremendous depth to our debate and our discussion on national issues here in this parliament,” he added.

President of the Senate, Chester Humphrey noted that Sen. Moses is following in the footsteps of a number of former educators who made significant contributions to the nation’s business ex-Governors-General, Sir Paul Scoon, Sir Reginald Palmer, and Sir Carlyle Glean, and former Prime Minister, Sir Nicholas Brathwaite, who all served at one time as school teachers.

Political observers regard the appointment of Sen. Moses to the Upper House as a clear sign that the NNP is preparing for the next general election.

Sen. Moses is tipped to contest the rural St. Patrick East for the ruling party instead of the incumbent, Clifton Paul who has apparently fallen out of grace.

In the case of Sen. Scott, he will now be hired by the NNP to do political work for the party in the area of public relations.

While in government, Scott came in for tremendous criticisms for using some of his time to run his political talk show programme.

Congress is said to be convinced that a snap election could be called sometime between September and December by Prime Minister Mitchell.

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