Sen. Roberts: A case for the Integrity Commission

Labour Representative in the Senate, Ray Roberts has written to the Integrity Commission requesting that it examine the issue of both Prime Minister Dr. Keith Mitchell and Minister of Works and Public Utilities Gregory Bowen being major shareholders in a public company.

Roberts is alleging that the company is aimed at pursuing real estate and other business opportunities.

The Labour Senator is contending that the two senior members of the ruling New National Party (NNP) administration are involved in the company while at the same have the responsibility to administer the laws of the State of Grenada.

Sen. Roberts said he feels obligated to bring to the attention of the Integrity Commission the provisions of the Physical Planning and Development Control Act 2016, and also the existence by registration of a company called “Unity House Limited” in which PM Mitchell and Bowen are named as Directors and shareholders.

According to Roberts, the Commission will see immediately, from the provisions of the Bill, that the Minister for Public Utilities has very far-reaching powers over the Physical Planning Development Authority and can influence decision-making of the body, both preferentially and in relation to competing companies, which may have matters before the Authority.

This state of affairs, he said “is very frightening for governance in Grenada and on its face gives rise to potential conflict contrary to section 12 of the Integrity in Public Life Act as well as Act NO. 15 of 2007”.

Government officials have said that the company referred to was set up to help build a headquarters office for the ruling party.

The NNP is said to be operating in premises in which Prime Minister Mitchell and his family have interest.

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