PSC speaks on ASP Coutain issue

On 21st September, 2015, the Commission interdicted Mr. Claudius David (a.k.a. Claudius Coutain), Assistant Superintendent of Police from the performance of his duties with effect from 1st September, 2015, pending the outcome of a court matter.

Mr. David (a.k.a. Coutain) was informed of his imminent retirement from the Public Service, given that he would attain the compulsory retirement age of sixty years on 30th November, 2016, which was verified by a copy of his birth certificate.

Mr. David (a.k.a. Coutain) would have accumulated one hundred and seventy calendar days vacation leave prior to his interdiction and was due to proceed on the said leave which covers the period 13th June to 29th November, 2016, to be immediately followed by his retirement.

The Commission therefore:-

*terminated the interdiction of Mr. David (a.k.a. Coutain) with effect from 12th June, 2016;

*granted Mr. David (a.k.a. Coutain) one hundred and seventy calendar days vacation leave from 13th June to 29th November, 2016 to be immediately followed by his retirement from the Service with effect from 30th November, 2016, on the Ground of Age.

It must be noted, that Mr. David (a.k.a. Coutain) has been re-instated into the Public Service solely for the Public Service Commission to execute the normal procedures for his retirement, pending the decision of the Court. This does not mean that he has resumed duties and therefore he is not physically present within the Royal Grenada Police Force.

The Commission is not at liberty to judge the outcome of the court matter at this time and as such, cannot take it’s own decision.

Mr. David (Coutain) is being assumed innocent in the meantime and has to be treated in that way until proven guilty by the Court.

If guilty then the Commission will have to act in accordance with the judgment of the Court and if innocent the normal procedures continue.

In the face of the PSC move, Prime Minister Dr. Keith Mitchell has sought to distance himself from the decision taken by the Sylvester-led body.

A statement from the Botanical Gardens said: “Government has been made aware of a decision by the Public Service Commission to reinstate suspended Assistant Superintendent of Police, Claudius David (a.k.a. Claudius Coutain), to the Public Service, on vacation leave ahead of retirement.

Prime Minister and Minister of National Security, Dr. the Right Honourable Keith Mitchell, and the Government of Grenada categorically deny any previous knowledge of this decision, and are as surprised as the rest of the Nation to learn of this from various Media outlets.

Like the rest of the Nation, Government is awaiting the facts of this matter from the relevant authorities”.

Speculation is rife that the day before the story was broken in the local media, a top official of the PSC was seen in the vicinity of the Top Floor of the Ministerial Complex.

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