Hotline for Zika

The re-activation of the hotline that was used when the world was issued with the Ebola threat is in the making by government, in an effort to facilitate timely responses to possible Zika infected persons.

According to Minister of Health, Nickolas Steele, the Ministry will be working along with two providers that have already expressed their willingness to participate in the process.

“It would not just be the setting up of a hot line but they have agreed to facilitate and have been facilitating us with respect to sending out wide text messages to all of the users, informing the public of various information as we request them to do so…”, he said.

“…There has been cooperation, we will be setting up, re-activating that line, that line existed previously when we had the Ebola threat concern and we will be re-instating that line again for Zika,” he added.

Steele stated that since the threat of Zika eight months ago, the ministry was ahead of the curb in terms of providing the relevant information to the public but believes that the hotline is still necessary.

He admitted that there continues to be cases of Zika but advises private clinics and private doctors to report suspected cases that may come before them.

“I continue to make requests of doctors throughout within the public service as well as the private sector, report to the Ministry of Health, any suspected cases of Zika, it is extremely important that this information is given to us”, he said.

“…One in terms of allowing us to tabulate the numbers of people infected but also in terms of us being able to have a better appreciation of the areas in which people are infected so that we can make the necessary interventions in those areas,” he added.

The Health Minister indicated that if it is not reported the Ministry will not know of certain areas where Zika may exist and would not be able to react or intervene.

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