Anglican Church Faculty Approved

Archdeacon of the St. George’s Anglican Church, Christian Glasgow has received a favourable response from Bishop Leopold Friday for additional upgrades to the main church building in St. George’s that is now under construction.

The Church Committee with its sub-Church Councils of St. George, St. Alban, St. Luke, St. Peters and St. Vincent had applied to Bishop Friday for a Faculty as part of the restoration of the main Parish church building on Church Street, St. George’s to include a media booth, an additional stair to the loft, a concrete roof, chapel and toilet facility, toilet facilities in the vestry, and an upgrade of present toilet facilities.

In presenting the recent application for the Faculty, Archdeacon Glasgow informed Bishop Friday that some of the funds for the additional upgrades are at hand, and the remainder will be sourced through fund raising activities.

The media room with accessed steps and rails from the loft is estimated at $20,000,  another $30,000 for vestry and toilet extension, reinforced concrete roof for chapel and bathroom facilities at a cost of $40,000, stairs to the choir loft and media room estimated at $35,000.

The weekly Service from the St. George’s Anglican Church is often carried live on audio.

However, the Archdeacon is seeking to have the Service carried live by both audio and visual when the celebration of the Eucharist returns to the refurbished church through a well equipped media booth.

The St. George’s Anglican Church on Church Street suffered major structural damage during the passage of Hurricane Ivan in September 2004.

Archdeacon Glasgow is confident that none of the upgrades will affect the heritage nature of the building.

“It does not distort it, it does not remove its heritage, and so I do not expect to have objections on those grounds,” he said.

Head of the building committee, Lana McPhail who made the announcement during last Sunday’s worship said work can now continue on the church in terms of getting the upgrades done.

McPhail urged the congregation to view for themselves the work that is taking place at present.

She said they are still working on having the restoration work completed by October in time for the Anglican Mass of the Synod.

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