NNP in General Council session

The New National Party (NNP) staged its 2016 General Council on Sunday at the St. John’s Anglican School in Gouyave, St. John.

NNP 1The General Council was held under the theme, ”NNP creating the environment for sustainable development”, and took place against the backdrop of the start of preparation by the party for the next general election.

The NNP having secured all 15 seats in the last General Election has refocused its energies and organisation toward the continued development of the party with initiatives such as the Headquarter’s Building fund where members are encouraged to become shareholders in the party’s attempt to build a new headquarters.

Presentations in the open session focused on reports on issues such as Health Care by Nickolas Steele, the current Minister of Health who spoke about several of the recent and continuing initiatives in the sector such as the X-Ray Unit at Princess Alice Hospital plus a refitted Maternity Ward at the General Hospital.

Additionally Minister Steele took the opportunity to inform those gathered of Government’s proactive approach to the issue of the Zika Virus.

There were also presentations on Constitutional Reform by party stalwart, Dr. Lawrence Joseph and by Works Minister, Gregory Bowen on the issue of the Electricity Supply Act passed by Parliament earlier this year and the positive effect it will have on the local economy.

There were also three resolutions passed by the General Council endorsing the work of the party in Government since taking office and resolving to ensure that the party continues to support the work of the NNP Administration.

The General Council also fully supported the moves by the NNP Administration in amending the Electricity Supply Act and Public Utility Regulatory Commission in another resolution.

Additionally the NNP General Council also resolved to call on all Grenadians to participate in the Constitutional Reform Referendum and to use the opportunity to approve or disapprove as they see fit the proposals being put forward.

In his address to the hundreds gathered Political Leader and Prime Minister Dr. Keith Mitchell spoke of the improvements in the Grenadian economy since taking office.

The Prime Minister also addressed the issue of the nurses giving a full explanation of the process from genesis to the present time and what is perceived as the way forward.

He called on those gathered to ensure they report to their MP’s if they perceive unfair treatment of others under the De-bushing Programme or any other programme.

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