Family give back to Students in St. David

The Corinth Government School held its annual graduation ceremony on July 5 for twenty-four students who passed the CPEA exams and will be moving on to further their education at various secondary schools.

Karen Brizan addresses students

Karen Brizan addresses students

Of these graduates, fifteen students received new school bags pre-packed with notebooks, geometry sets, pens, pencils and other stationery items required for the start of their journey through secondary school.

The donation of these items was co-ordinated by Karen Brizan and the Brizan family from Syracuse in St. David, who now reside in the United States.

“I was given a visa which allowed me to live in the USA. This was an opportunity for me to further my career and have better opportunities in life. I am so grateful to have received that opportunity which made such a big difference in my life”, said Karen Brizan.

“My family and I have been giving back to various communities in Grenada for the last two years, and this year, we decided to do something educational to assist the youth in our home parish, St. David”, she added.

At the beginning of the Trinity term in May, an invitation was extended to the school for students to submit an essay on the topic “What Education Means to Me”.

Some 15 students attempted the essay and were all rewarded for their participation.

Additionally, the three students with the best essays, received $200USD, $150USD and $100USD respectively.

Ruth Bailey, parish representative for St. David in the upcoming national Carnival Queen Show, assisted the family with preparation of the school packs and attended the graduation ceremony, where she congratulated the students on their success in the CPEA exams.

“A good education is very important and a key stepping stone to being successful in life. I congratulate each of the students here today for passing their CPEA exams and I especially want to recognize those students who took part in the essay competition”, she remarked.

Ruth Bailey and Brizan Family along with students who participated in the Essay Competition

Ruth Bailey and Brizan Family along with students who participated in the Essay Competition

“Through their essays, we were able to gain valuable insight into how the students see their lives now and how a sound education will positively impact their future. I wish the students all the best as they prepare for another exciting chapter in their lives as they enter secondary school”, she said.

The Brizan family will also be making donations to the St. Theresa’s R.C. School, Crochu R.C. School and the Father Mallaghan’s Home for Boys in Victoria throughout the course of their visit in July.

In 2014, the Brizan family made a donation of toys to the Bel Air Children’s home and distributed toys to children in a number of communities across Grenada.

“We were happy to be able to make these contributions to the community as a family, and were even more pleased to see that our contributions were valued and appreciated. It thrills us to see the children happy. We enjoy doing this and will continue doing many things for our community and Grenada”, Brizan said.

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