Noteworthy improvements in CPEA 2016

The 2016 Caribbean Private Assessment Exam (CPEA) saw a number of notable improvements in the performances of students when compared to previous years.

Minister of State in the Ministry of Education and Human Resource, Senator Simon Stiell who highlighted some of the improvements, said this is evidence of the efforts that are placed by government for the enhancement of the education sector in Grenada.

His statement was made while addressing members of the media at the weekly post-Cabinet Press Briefing held last Tuesday at the Ministerial Complex at Tanteen.

He said one of first things to be noted is the increased number of persons sitting the exam when compared to previous years.

“What is significant and a positive sign are the number of students who did not meet the minimum requirement. So in 2016, we saw an increasing number of students sitting the exam but we have seen a reduction in the number of students retained, the number of students not meeting that minimum requirement”, he told reporters.

“…In 2016, 232 students were retained so they would not transition … to secondary school, will be kept back another year to retake that year and re-sit the exam, compared to a higher number in 2015 where 272 students were retained,” he said.

Sen. Stiell went on: “Not only has the number come down but compared to an increase number of students sitting that exam. We’re seeing a significant reduction and I think this is a reflection of the significant efforts that are being placed at Primary School level to try and raise the standards, that minimum competency standard”.

He said the national average has increased from 66% in 2014 and 2015 to 68% in 2016.

“Specific to Maths and English where we know we have a challenge, not just here in Grenada but it’s across the Caribbean region where there are significant challenges in increasing the levels of numeracy and literacy.

“Here in Grenada we’ve seen an increase…in Mathematics 60.25% average 2016, compared to 56% in 2015…we’re seeing a notable rise in the pass rate in Maths and then we are seeing (a) slight increase also in English, nearly 59% in 2016, compared to 58.6% in 2015.

Sen. Stiell also congratulated the Ministry of Education, principals, teachers, students and parents for their efforts in helping to improve the CPEA results for 2016.

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