Clarke’s Court Supports Monday Night Mas Bands

Grenada Distillers Limited is expanding its involvement in Spicemas 2016, as two Monday Night Mas Bands on the road on Carnival Monday will be branded by the rum distillery.

Amazing Colours, one of the largest Monday Night Mas Bands to ever hit the streets for Spicemas, will be branded Clarke’s Court while a little band called King Black will be branded Black Jack.

According to Sales and Marketing Manager at Grenada Distillers, Oswald Darbeau, the King Black is very affordable and with a nice design and he also encouraged carnival participants to look to “Amazing Colours” as another choice.

“If you want to go big time and you want VIP and all of that, we take you up to the next level. You go up to Amazing Colours….”, he said.

Clarke’s Court is encouraging safety for Spicemas 2016 with its Clarke’s Court Pure White now retailing in a plastic bottle.

Darbeau said the distillers produced this product out of recognition of its corporate responsibility to promote a safe carnival.

“You have it in a plastic bottle, it’s convenient to carry, it’s light weight, it’s the same good old Clarke’s Court Pure White that’s in here. Also, for returning nationals…we all know there is a weight restriction and luggage restriction, so it fits nicely unto your on-board luggage and it’s very light weight. For safety at Carnival, you go to a party, whether it’s on land or at sea or you go to one of the Carnival shows, nice and safe, nice and easy,” he remarked.

The product is also available in the 200 ml, what is known as the flask, the 375 ml which is the half bottle and the 1.75 litre.

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