Clarke’s Court launches another premium rum

As Spicemas 2016 approaches, Grenada Distillers Limited has introduced a new rum to the market; #37, a premium rum that can be enjoyed on the rocks or with a dash of soda or coconut water.

Production Manager Devon Date explains the best way to have the rum

Production Manager Devon Date explains the best way to have the rum

The 12 year aged rum was launched last Thursday at Nick’s Barrel House at Grenada Distillers Limited in Woodlands.

According to Production Manager of Distillers, Devon Date, the concept was born in 2010 with the launch of #37, an eight year old rum.

The new rum was launched to commemorate, the 300th anniversary of the town of St. George.

“…The 37 on it reflect basically that the company started producing in 1937…it is a limited edition, our aged rum, and our highest premium product. The integrity of the product…the authenticity everything was done locally, the fermentation, the distillation, the rum was produced locally…we actually did all the calculation, all the formulation ourselves”, he said.

The 12-year-old #37

The 12-year-old #37

“…It was rum that was in barrel before we came in, I came in here 9 years ago…it was in the barrel but we profile it and double mature it and bring it out,” he added.

A release from the company says the #37 is now a twelve-year-old premium rum with a rich aroma, aged to perfection in oak barrels, mellowed with time and double matured.

“The double maturation process is responsible for its exceptional smoothness and exotic fruity flavour. This very special blend with its exquisite and distinctive taste represents 78 years of blending expertise”, it added.

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