Murder at Cherry Hill

The small village of Cherry Hill, St. George’s was plunged into a state of panic and shock on Tuesday as one of the villagers ran amok causing the death of Gabriel Bascombe, and inflicting chop wounds on the back of another villager, Roderick Cadore in an incident near to the Community Centre.

Dexter Slinger – had to be shot in the leg in order to be restrained

Dexter Slinger – had to be shot in the leg in order to be restrained

The 50-year old Bascombe allegedly received a severe chop wound with the use of a cutlass on the right side of his neck from the hands of Dexter Slinger.

Bascombe, who is described as a quiet person within the neighbourhood, was found lying on the ground, with the upper part of the body in a downward position.

His death came moments after Slinger pursued Cadore with the deadly cutlass.

Cadore tried to escape the onslaught of the cutlass-welding Slinger but received a chop wound to the lower part of the back.

The injured man told reporters that he was sitting close to the crossroad in the village when he noticed Slinger approaching him with a cutlass.

“The man just started walking straight towards me, (and) when he reached close enough, I just run out from him. He ran after me and fired the blade, and gave me a little lash in the back,” he said.

According to Cadore, the berserk man continued chasing him before he was able to call out for help from a Police Officer who resides in the area.

Another villager, Donna Patrice who also spoke to members of the media said she tried to calm Slinger, a hotel worker by profession when she detected that he was acting in a strange manner.

Patrice said that Slinger went missing in the latter part of December 2015 but was found in some bushes at Grenville Vale. He started moving strange after being treated for mental illness and returned to the village.

“He didn’t have any mental illness before that. He came out (of the hospital) and he seemed to be good, and this is the second time he go on with this kind of behaviour,” she said.

THE NEW TODAY was reliably informed that in recent times Slinger began to experience some domestic problem with his newly wedded wife who is also a hotel worker.

The body of the slain man was found underneath the Community Center building

The body of the slain man was found underneath the Community Center building

Patrice also said that she herself was subjected to some verbal abuse from the mentally-disturbed villager after an encounter with him.

“I said, “Dexter what (are) you doing? You will go in jail just so.

He used obscenity and tell me hush you f…ing mouth, so when I realised like he getting physic I end up moving out (from) there,” she said.

The female villager stated that using the harsh words to her, the murder-accused proceeded to the area of the Depot where her son went to make some purchases.

She said she went into the road that leads to the Community Centre from where she was able to see Slinger sitting on a stone on the main road.

She alleged that he pulled out a flare gun and aimed it at her.

“I ducked and I just went to the back road to meet my son, and (when) I met my son, we came up the back road trying to avoid him (mentally ill man),” she said.

Patrice said while they were coming up the back road the murder-accused was spotted within the vicinity of the Community Centre, constantly cracking the flare gun and saying that he must kill somebody, and that he is on a mission from God.

She reported that a Police Officer who is the brother of the mentally disturbed individual, took away the flare gun from him.

Slinger who had by then committed the acts fled the area, but hours later he was discovered inside his house by members of a Para-military unit of the Royal Grenada Police Force.

The man was still armed with the cutlass and was only subdued when the police shot him in the leg.

Slinger is now warded at the St. George’s General Hospital.

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