Charles Liu vs. Violet Ross

A $439, 215.00 lawsuit filed against controversial Chinese investor, Charles Liu is still to be served on him.

THE NEW TODAY understands that attorney-at-law, Francis Paul has given a Court Bailiff the documents to serve on Liu who has reportedly not come to Grenada in recent months.

The lawyer is acting on behalf of Boca resident, Violet Vanessa Ross who is accusing Liu of wrongful dismissal from her US$2, 000.00 a month job with four of the companies that he had set up on the island – Grenada Resort Complex Ltd, Grenada Airline Corporation Ltd, St. George’s Hospital Development Ltd, and Spice Casinos Resorts and Entertainment Ltd.

Ross alleges that former Grenada Ambassador to China, Karl Hood was the one who got the job for her from the Chinese businessman who is now facing fraud charges in the United States in connection with a cancer treatment facility he promised to set up in California.

Liu and his wife are accused of diverting the monies raised from 50 Chinese investors to their own personal use.

THE NEW TODAY has obtained court papers filed in the local Supreme Court Registry in which Ross alleges that she was told by Liu he was dismissing her from the position since differences had arose between Hood and himself.

Legal sources told this newspaper that if Paul’s bailiff is unable to serve the lawsuit on the Chinese investor within a particular timeframe then the Attorney will have to go to court to get a judge to give him permission to take out notices in the local newspapers to inform Liu of the pending legal action against him.

The four companies formed by the Chinese national now holding Grenadian economic citizenship –– have been incorporated by different law firms on the island with two of them known to be persons who are closely aligned to the ruling New National Party (NNP) government of Prime Minister Dr. Keith Mitchell.

One of them is owned by the current Attorney General, Cajeton Hood and the other by former Governor-General, Sir Daniel Williams.

This newspaper was able to obtain the copy of a letter dated October 20, 2015, which was written by Attorney Paul on behalf of Ross to Danny Williams & Co  seeking compensation for his client over her dismissal by Liu.

Following is the full text of the letter:

Mrs. Daniella Williams-Mitchell
Danny Williams & Co
Attorneys-At-Law Chambers
Lucas Street

Dear Mrs. Williams-Mitchell.

Re: Notice of a Special Meeting of the Director of Grenada Resort Complex Ltd and Ors & Unfair Dismissal of Vanessa Ross as an Employee and Director and Vice-President of Grenada Resort Complex Ltd & Ors and emoluments due to her as an Employee and Director.

We write on behalf of Mrs. Vanessa Ross of Boca, St. George’s with regard to the above captioned subject. Our client acknowledges receipt of your notices advising of a special meeting of the meeting of the Directors of Grenada Resort Complex Ltd and others, all dated 15th October 2015, and she has instructed us to respond as follows:

(i) In or about the month of June 2014, she commenced employment with Mr. Charles Liu in his capacity as the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of several companies, which he intended to incorporate within the State of Grenada. Her duties included public relations and coordinating the preparatory works required to incorporate the said companies.

(ii) The companies being Grenada Resort Complex Ltd, Grenada Airline Corporation Ltd, St. George’s Hospital Development Ltd, Spice Casinos Resorts and Entertainment Ltd were all incorporated Pursuant to the Companies Act of Grenada on or about the 18th day of November 2014.

She was then appointed as a Director and Vice President of each company and continued her employment at a monthly salary of US$2,OOO.OO.

(iii) She is one of three Directors of the Companies, the other two being Mr. Liu and Xin Wang. Since the incorporation of the Companies Mr. Liu has rarely been in Grenada and his time spent within the State is always short. She therefore was predominantly the sole Director within the State and worked tirelessly in her capacities as an employee, Director and Vice President of the Companies to competently fulfill her duties as the public relations officer and to ensure the smooth daily operation of the Companies. In or about the month of March 2015, she even travelled on Companies’ business to Shanghai in China to represent the local Companies at the opening of one of Mr. Liu’s offices in Shanghai.

(iv) In or about the third week of August 2015, Mr. Liu informed her via WhatsApp Messenger that there were differences between him and the individual that had recommended her to him for the job and as a result he can no longer work with her. Up to the date of this herein letter he has not issued a formal letter to her giving her notice of her dismissal, neither has he paid to her any termination or other allowances due to her. She was also not given any vacation during her period of employment.

(v) Additionally since the incorporation of the Companies she has not been paid any fees in her capacity as Director and Vice President of the Companies.

Our client is very disturbed by Mr. Liu’s irrational behavior particularly since she went above the normal expectations of an employee, Director and Vice President of the Companies and her work for the Companies was exemplary and above reproach. She therefore finds that she was unfairly dismissed by Mr. Liu.
Pursuant to the Employment Act Chapter 89 of the Continuous Revised Edition of the Laws of Grenada 20 I 0, our client is requesting one month’s wage in lieu of notice of dismissal, US$2,000.OO, two weeks wage as remuneration for her annual vacation leave USD$l,OOO.OO and two weeks wage as compensation for unfair dismissal US$l,OOO.OO, along with her salary of US$2,OOO.OO for August 2015 altogether amounting to US$6,000.OO.

Additionally our client is requesting that she be paid Director Fees and fees for her position as Vice President’ of the four Companies from incorporation up to the date of her unfair dismissal in the sum of US$4,OOO.OO per month for each company being US $16,000.00 per month for the four companies and a grand total of US$144,000.OO.

We now hereby DEMAND that within Seven (7) days of the receipt of this letter, the Companies pay to our client or into our office the aforementioned sums of US$6,OOO.OO and US$144,OOO.OO altogether totaling US$l50,OOO.OO failing which legal proceedings will be instituted against the Companies to obtain the monies due and owing without any further notice.

Please be guided accordingly.

Yours sincerely

Francis K. Paul
Francis K. Paul And Associates

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