Anglican Church going after additional upgrades

A modernised media centre is being proposed for the refurbished St. George’s Anglican Church on Church Street, St. George’s.

An application for a faculty seeking from the Bishop of the Diocese of the Windward Islands, Leopold Friday additional upgrades was read for the second consecutive Sunday.

Archdeacon Christian Glasgow who read the faculty provided the estimated cost for each of the amenities.

The media room with accessed steps and rails from the loft is estimated at $20,000,  $30,000 for vestry and toilet extension, reinforced concrete roof for chapel and bathroom facilities at a cost of $40,000, stairs to the choir loft and media room estimated at $35,000.

Archdeacon Glasgow who explained the faculty disclosed that some of the funds are already available.

It is expected that the rest of the money will be raised through fund-raising activities.

The weekly Service from the St. George’s Anglican Church is carried live on audio.

However, the Archdeacon is seeking to have the Service carried live by both audio and visual when the celebration of the Eucharist returns to the refurbished church through a well equipped media booth.

“This is not a luxury. It is all part of mission and ministry, the change in context in which we find ourselves as missionaries exercising the ministry,” he said.

The Anglican Cleric felt that in order to remain relevant, it is necessary to have a media booth “that is going to allow us to have the necessary equipment and ability to reach our people.”

He also addressed the issue of the value of modern technology.

Archdeacon Glasgow recalled that there was a time during his travel as a priest to say morning and evening prayers, he had to carry in his handbag his hymn and liturgy books, and his bible weighing at least 15 pounds.

“I could travel now with less than that, and in my pocket is my cell phone,” he said.

The cell phone can provide him with the morning and evening prayer, access to a bible, a bible commentary, and access to any other thing that is needed.

With regards to having stairs to the choir loft, Archdeacon Glasgow said it is to bring access to the area in line with liturgical practices.

The concrete roof for the chapel and the bathroom will accommodate water tanks, and solar panels.

Upgrade for the toilet facilities is intended for the physically challenged, and the aged.

Archdeacon Glasgow disclosed that none of the upgrades will affect the heritage nature of the building.

“It does not distort it, it does not remove its heritage, and so I do not expect to have objections on those grounds,” he said.

The local Clergyman is hopeful that the faculty will be issued by Bishop Friday if no objection is made in writing to the said Bishop of the Windward Islands before July 13th.

The Archdeacon encouraged his parishioners “to get excited” about the restoration work that is being done on the church in an effort to give their full support, financially.

“I believe that if you visit the project you will be energised and encouraged by what you see, so that we can push this forward at a greater pace,” he said.

Several activities will be held to raise funds including the buy a window campaign at $5,000 and $3,000, and buy a pew campaign at a price of $1,500.

Archdeacon Glasgow believes the restoration work can be completed this year and that the Christmas Day Eucharist Mass can be celebrated there.

However, he is determined that the Anglican Synod Mass on October 16th will be celebrated at the church regardless of what stage it reaches.

The Anglican Church was one of the churches in the capital city that suffered structural damage during the passage of Hurricane Ivan in September 2004.

During Sunday’s Service a monetary donation of $1,000 was presented to Head of the Building Committee Lana McPhail by Principal of the St. George’s Anglican Senior School Nigel DeGale to help offset the cost of the reconstruction.

The money came from the school, which is located on Church Street, St. George’s.

In accepting the contribution, a grateful McPhail said, “it came at the right time.”

Meanwhile, the Anglican Church in Grenada will be hosting the Provincial Youth Gathering (PYG) from July 17-23.

According to McPhail, approximately 160 persons throughout the Anglican Province of the West Indies are expected to attend the PYG.

The event commences on Sunday, July 17th with a Mass at the St. Patrick’s Anglican Church in Sauteurs which would be celebrated the Archbishop, Dr. John Holder.

McPhail sees the event as providing a rare occasion for Anglicans since many persons might not have the opportunity to experience one again.

As part of the event, a dinner will be held on July 20th at Spice Basket in Beaulieu, St. George’s.

Part of the proceeds from the dinner will go towards the restoration work taking place on the St. George’s Anglican Church on Church Street.

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