Send-off for Samaritan Pre-Schoolers

A group of 26 young students from the Samaritan Presbyterian Pre-School in St. Patrick’s have ended their first phase of formal education.

GraduationIn what was referred to as a “Send-Off Ceremony for the Class of 2016,” last week Wednesday, the energetic youngsters were grateful to both parents and teachers, having rendered it in song.

As part of the short, but impressive ceremony that took place at the Samaritan Presbyterian Church, parents were given the opportunity to have an interactive moment with their children, during which a rose was pinned on to each child.

Guest Speaker, Gloria James who spoke on parental involvement, the seed to a successful child addressed the class on food that is nutritious to children.

James said nutrition helps in the development of a child, stating that healthy foods, rest and exercise are of paramount importance.

“Ensure that your child has nutritious meals, goes to bed early at nights, and participate in physical activities,” she told the ceremony.

The Guest Speaker admonished the parents “to avoid the unhealthy foods” which lead to diseases such as cancer, diabetes, obesity, and hypertension which she said are now prevalent in young children.

James also saw the need for parent/teacher interaction.

She admonished them to embrace the opportunity of interacting with each other to discuss matters relating to the child whether it is positive or negative.

She told the parents they are blessed with one of the greatest responsibilities of “bringing up” their children so that they can function adequately, and even socially, morally and spiritually accepted way.

James also implored upon the parents the need to encourage and support their children in every area of life.

She stated that there is now an increase in sexual molestation of young children in the society.

“Therefore, make your presence be felt in their lives. The greatest gift you can give to your child is your time, your attention, your love and your concern,” she said.

The Guest Speaker encouraged the youngsters to be obedient to their parents, teachers, and elders.

Each child was given a Pre-School Diploma showing that they have completed their early stage of education.

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