Derick Sylvester: ‘I am willing to accept paper committal’

Two non-nationals who have been charged with the alleged murder of Venezuelan Jinardo Jose Martinez Rojas could have their matter go before the High Court in St. George’s in time for the October sitting of the Criminal Assizes.

Murder accused Arturo Plutin and Gabriel Pestana on their way to court

Murder accused Arturo Plutin and Gabriel Pestana on their way to court

Gabriel Pestana who is a Venezuelan, and Cuban Arturo Plutin Rodriquez are jointly charged with the offense of non-capital murder in connection with the death of Rojas between Thursday, May 26th and Saturday, May 28th at Lowther’s Lane by intentionally causing the death by unlawful harm.

The matter came up at the St. George’s No.1 Magistrate’s Court last Friday, where defense counsel for Rodriquez, Derick Sylvester once again indicated to the court his willingness to dispose of the charge at the Magistrate’s Court quickly.

Sylvester who received additional disclosure of the evidence relating to the case from the Prosecution Department told Chief Magistrate, Her Honour Tamara Gill he is willing to accept paper committal in order to speed up the process of the trial.

However, the attorney-at-law said that due to the fact that there is another attorney representing the other accused person, he cannot agree by himself to have a paper committal.

Long-standing Defense Attorney Anselm Clouden who is representing Pestana was late in appearing in court when the matter was called up.

Sylvester informed the court that both Clouden and himself are due to travel abroad soon and having a paper committal will help speed up the process.

Rodriquez’ parents who are bilingual were present in court.

The accused will know on September 8th if the matter will proceed as a paper committal.

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